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Stolen bike BOX HILL 30-01-07 plz keep a look out.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by out_of_order, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. My bike had just been stolen in Box Hill, Melbourne an hour ago.

    It's a red Yamaha R6 2001 model. Rego DF-605

    The rider had a blue helmet with graphics on it and black leather jacket and blue jeans. It was parked out side of a noodle shop in Boxh Hill Station st.

    please keep a look out as i don't have insurance for it.

    I'm shattered.

  2. Makes me laugh (even though its the law) theives have to bring riding gear to nick a bike.. LOL :LOL: :LOL:

    I'm sorry :oops: that probably doesnt help. I feel for you buddy.. especially with the 'no insurance' bit..

    Hope you are back on two wheels soon and you find the bastardo who stole your ride :evil: and ofcourse.. Kick his a$$ :cool:

    EDIT: Nice ride too by the way! Looks hot in red..
  3. I'm so angry at the low life scum.....fcuking bastard....lowlife mothafuker.

    Please be on the look out please.

    Rego DF-605[/b]
  4. Might want to edit some of that english :oops:
  5. Rottenest of luck, matey, but even if you DID have insurance, you're unlikely to get this bike back. I assume by the description you give that someone saw the thief actually taking the bike? And you have, of course, reported this to the Police?
  6. The low life's cant ride ,smash there own bike then look for another bike to steel , sorry bro, hope you catch them
  7. yeah i just finished talking to the cops and they say they'll keep a look out for it.
  8. good luck :(
  9. Well you see i had lost my key about 30mins prior and i was looking for it. I then decided to go home to get the spare key so i told my sister in law to keep an eye on the bike (it is my GF parents noodle shop). As i was leaving 2mins later the sister rang me to say that the bike had been stolen and she ran after the guy but could not catch up. I parked on the footpath on station street and the thief rode off down the road where centrelink is. if had left a minute later i would have kicked his arse.
  10. Re: Stolen bike plz keep a look out.

    I'm sorry to hear that you lost your bike... it really really hurts

    This is why I try and convince people to take out insurance... sure the premiums hurt, and sometimes that means buying a bike that's cheaper to insure and/or less sporty, but it really really shouldn't be thought of as an option people, it really is a necessity!
  11. I wonder if he'll be game to ride it back to Centrelink tomorrow :roll:?

    I have to agree about insurance, though it's too late to be wise to help you this time....
  12. will keep an eye out for ya. I'm crap at remembering license plates tho.

    Any distinguishing marks?
  13. well that sucks
    gotta agree with everyone though - you really should have insurance mate.
    cause you're not likely to get the bike back.
  14. ooh, r6 and no insurance.


    how do you think the thief started it?
  15. less likely to get pulled over, also coppers can recognise a face if he's from the area... you just need to think like a theif to know why people do these things!!! *edit* also see end of below.

    it's a peice of piss dude.. but i'm not going to go through it here for fear of helping another potential theif. i think from like 05/06 onwards they have immobiliser system thingo's like the gsxr's do and are harder to start.

    any bet that bike will be sold for $1500, get re-stamped for bout a grand more and someones got 'emselves a new toy.

    also, bloke with a helmet in the middle of the day on a main st pinching a bike draws little to no attention as most people don't realise it's being stolen. i just hope the OP didn't "lose" his keys in the ignition, ground, or fuel tank!!! although, for the theif to do this so quickly in view of his sister, i'm thinking this blokes had his own bike, seen the OP drop his keys, and taken the oppurtunity to scidaddle. Unless his sister seen this bloke with a hammer and punch?
  16. i don't know. owning an r6 and having no insurance is really just asking for the eneviatable to occur.

    aren't they on the most stolen hit list?

    either this bike will be stripped or used as a track bike.

    sorry for your loss, dude.
  17. Re: Stolen bike plz keep a look out.

    heya out_of_order,
    i work near Box Hill
    and have a great memory for details; including number plates.
    will keep a good look out for it.

    :?: what is the VIN number?
    (should be on your REGO papers)

    :idea: suggestion;
    you may want to edit the Title of your OP (original post)
    to include the location (State/City/Town) eg: [VIC/Box Hill].

    that way you will attract more applicable viewers to this thread.
  18. Hey Out to order! I see that bike all the time in boot hill.

    I'll keep an eye out for it.

    I hope you get it back soon and in good nick
  19. .........
  20. Terrible terrible thing that.

    My trade assistant is a youth in that area whom knows of devious people in that area. Ive asked him to keep an ear out for stupids bragging about it.

    I got an 2002 blue R6 looks similar but I'm selling mine.