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Stolen bike advice

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by offtrack, Feb 13, 2016.

  1. My bike was stolen last weekend, and I realised I had no idea of what the process is, or any hints or tips to work through.

    I thought people might post up some advice, and maybe the thread can then be moved as a sticky, to the stolen bike section?

    My experience:

    I reported the bike to the local police.
    Police recovered bike, same day, in the local area.
    They gave me a very brief description of the damage, and importantly, mentioned it was found on its side.
    Police asked or authorisation to tow the bike to their depot - which I gave.
    Police are dusting for prints.
    Next step was to call my insurance, with a Police report number.
    I called a local Kawasaki dealer to see if they could repair.

    That all happened on the Monday and Tuesday.

    Now, 6 days later, I have had no more progress.

    I don't know the exact location of the bike, I don't know what condition its in, and I can't arrange to tow it for repairs & assessment until the Police contact me.

    Sounds like the damage is really only a dropped bike (Mirrors, clutch lever, indicators damaged). Not sure about fairings. Not sure where I stand mechanically - bike must have been on its side for a few hours,e between being dumped and being towed. Who knows what damage that would cause?

    I presume the ignition must have been damaged - I have both sets of keys.

    I spoke to a bloke who had his bike stolen, and he refused to have it repaired, stating he couldn't trust his life to a bike which may have damage which is not visible - he claims he was able to get insurance to pay out in full, rather than repair, after taking them to court. That sounds extreme, and a little like BS!

    Anyway, any general advice for stolen bikes? Is it worth compiling some info and making it a sticky thread, in the same way we have for new riders, cornering techniques etc?
  2. Sounds like you've got it covered insurance advised, so you could try and the call cops and find out where bike is and if they're finished with it.
  3. I called - maybe an update on Monday.
  4. My bike was stolen and recovered over Xmas. The police contacted me when they were done with it (they had it for 3 days) and arranged to tow it to my repairer. I then got it fixed through insurance and its as good as new.

    It might be worth contacting your insurer to confirm they will cover the costs of the tows etc
  5. :)

    After a bit of mucking around working out who pays for the towing, the bike is now with a Kawasaki dealer.

    The bloke called me with a bit of a list of damage, and advised the bike will be a write off.

    He then called back an hour later....he had inspected the same model, different bike!!! The one he inspected had just been traded in!

    I'll find out about mine tomorrow.
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  6. Wrong bike? wouldn't the rego give it away or perhaps the colour ? hope he's not doing the repair work
  7. Reminds me of this joke I read sometime back...

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  8. The previous post was off-topic so..

    OP, hope you get the bike sorted out asap..
  9. LL - No worries. That was the highlight of the thread!

    Jeffco - Yeah, I would have thought the rego would be a clue! They are the same year and colour though.

    I havent heard any more on my own bike, but I can see the funny side of it. Just glad they didn't go and do all the repairs!!!!