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Stolen Bike 1 march

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Removed_User6, Mar 6, 2006.

  1. This is from another forum , If anyone see it give the number a below a ring or contact me.

    A mates Nephew's bike has been stolen from 473 Bourke St on the 1st March .
    If you see it or can help in any way contact Jason ,
    mobile number is 0412 077 417 and his email is whitburn@gmail.com


    Custom paint work green with graphics (the silver stripe is actually ground bare metal, clear coated).
    Performance machine 'Hooligan' wheels (21" front, 18x5.5" rear), matching rear rotor and pulley to suit the new '06 19mm drive belt.
    Performance machine 6 piston front brake and 13" rotor
    Performance machine 1 piece integrated rear brake
    Vance & Hines 'Big Radius' Exhaust
    Custom rear guard 'rigid' mounted to the swing arm
    Burly western bars, painted green.
    All hand controls colour coded
    VIN: 1HD1 BHY17YY 029159
    Engine No: BHYY 029159

    SEE picture below .

  2. I used to work at that exact address. If it was on the footpath out the front, there is (well, at least was!) a security camera focused on the road. Tell the guy to look for it and perhaps the camera got something?
  3. That's one expensive toy to lose. Sadly I don't like his chances of getting it back, being a Harley it has probably already been parted out. Was it parked on the street? Day time or night time?
  4. owch damn, thats gutta hurt
  5. Edited to remove response to Spada Stunters stupid comments which he removed even though he said:

  6. Surely it was insured.....?
  7. Any idea of time? Wouldn't have been during normal business hours, surely? No I didn't see anything, but I work and park my bike near there and am just interested to know how much of a risk it is parking where I do during the day.
  8. Even if it's insured you're out the excess + losing your NCB.

    Plus it's a customised bike.
  9. due to popular demand i was told to change my post
  10. Pete so right you are,

    Spadja why dont you give me the names of these so called HARLEY GANGS, and point your finger. I will pass on your thoughts to them gladly.
    and your name and addy if you are so good.

    I am sure they will be interested in the fact that you are associating them to a theft of (maybe a clubbie or a clubbies nephew) or a brothers bike :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    I have just sent them a link to this site, so as if any more insightful info comes on here they have direct access to it. All help in finding this machine is greatly appreciated.

    and Spadja most interested in your assumptions :roll: :roll: :roll:
  11. pmsl :LOL:

    Spada, I think its best U edit your post ASAP
  12. Well that just sucks dirty dogs balls :evil: . Theives are parasites and I honestly hope it's found and the thief dealt with in the time honoured fashion. :twisted:
  13. Thx Jason , passed on your info
    he is looking at it now
  14. nah im not gunna back down from that 1
  15. Start pulling on your head mate... When you hear the pop, you know it has been successfully removed from your ass.
    Any other colourful thoughts you would like to share?
  16. I am just curious, Spada only suggested where to look, he did not iner any "gang" and made that clear. You must confess, there is some logic to it. I am not defending him as I dont know him, I am merely making an observation.

    From his young perspective, Bikers ride Harley's and as such made a logical deduction. I personally would not make that deduction, but some would. Once again, no offence is intended, merely an observation.

    In my opinion, it was stolen by a professional mob that has already placed it in a container for the US market. just my thoughts.

    To the owner, I am truly sorry your bike was stolen. I hope I am wrong and it turns us in one piece. Good luck to you sir.
  17. I spoke with Sean when I passed on the info from Jason .
    He also filled me in on some other stuff as well. ( i cant say much more than that)
    but either way
    commenting on other clubs will only cause trouble , especially when you are disrepecting them without any facts or proof.
  18. I think the post has been edited Skuff
  19. We all mucking around bro :LOL:

    Dont worry bout it :wink:
  20. Good luck Getting it back

    I had my garage broken into last year. Luckily my bike was in the shop at the time.

    GPS locators are a good idea, and never take your eyes of a bike that sexy whilst its out in public.

    I heard a rumour from some guys that MOST stolen harleys and other such bikes get stolen to order and shipped off to places like Saudi Arabia and pakistan and the likes.

    So good luck man but it is most probably in saudi arabia by now.