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Stolen and retrieved in less than 12hours....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by willyboy, Aug 5, 2007.

  1. Woke up this morning to mum asking where my bike was :( Yep it had been nicked thieving bastards! Called the cop's and they said there was a report of a moto on its side leaking petrol a few streets away... Twas my baby they had pushed a down the hill a street tried to start it failed and left it on its side.
    Damage a ripped number plate they probs tried to souvenir it and they broke the cowling on the frame trying to get to the lock.. probably rich little wankers pissed as walking home... Number plate is a cheap fix the cowling might be more exy gotta talk to some mates!
    We should be able to shoot trespassers! ahah :twisted: :twisted:

  2. You got of lucky I reckon, imagine if you still didn't know where your bike was :S
    god I hate people who fcuk up other people's car/bike.. YOU CAN'T TOUCH ANOTHER MAN's VEHICLE, it's one of the unwritten laws of the wild heh
  3. Not a bad ending to the story all things considered. :grin:
  4. Glad you got it back Mate.
    Just goes to show that posites are worth keeping an eye on.
  5. My thoughts exactly. To date that I know of we've had a Truimph 675 and an R1 stolen from one site, a Hornet 600 stolen in Tassie, and a couple of 250s stolen as well, and none of them were ever seen again....
  6. just a question.......was the bike out in the street overnight or did they go into te backyard????
  7. Front porch so of the street but in view.. we have a waist high fence and a couple steps down into the front garden.
  8. Glad to rread that u got it back. Just a shame u gotta fix it also.
  9. Bummer!!!!! i wonder if you could hook up some sort of electrical wiring so that next time someone grabs it they get a f*&*in big shock :p :p
  10. The thought had crossed my mind haha I was just going to put a metal mat down and put 240V onto the bike haha their hands on my bike ZAPPP!
  11. sorry to hear about you bike, i vouch that they should let us shot trespassers when they enter you property like in America. got my new hylux keyed a few nights ago >< if only could have caught those little kunts doing it
  12. thieves are the lowest form of life...if i ever catch one, there wont be any police involvement, until after ive beatan seven shades of shit out of them.
  13. Damn

    Damn theiving little pricks! Glad to hear u got it back!!! And also not having a dig but... Y the postie??Nice and cheap to run and to buy or u genuinely like the look and feel of the bike?? Just curious :)
  14. at least u got it back, ive always wanted one of those bikes, as i mentioned on ur guestbook thingi, they are one of the most indestructible bikes every built. is rego cheaper for them?