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VIC Stolen: 2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by rebleecha, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. I had my 2008 black Kawasaki Ninja 250 stolen last night from my unit in Malvern/Armadale VIC. It is sitting around the 18,000km mark.
    It has a dint in the left hand side of the tank and green showing through the edges on the front left where it was dropped before I got it, it should also have the under part of my tail bag hanging from within the pillion seat.

    Any news or sightings - please call or email me, or even call the police if you wish to remain anonymous. My details are:
    0412 699 909

    The details are:

    Rego HD204
    Eng EX250JEA16953
    VIN JKAEXMJ118DA16953

    I have never upgraded bikes because every time I looked at other bikes it just reminded me how much I really loved my little bike.




    Green paint showing through the black

  2. sorry to hear the sad news :( hope you get it back in one piece, insured I hope?
  3. Fingers crossed you get if back. Its unlikely to make it to QLD but I will keep my eyes open cause you never know.
  4. Sorry to hear about this OP.....I'm in ye'olde'Melbourne towne and will keep an eye out.

    I know how pained I've felt when one of my racing push-bikes was ripped off - but if someone stole my ride.....well!
  5. I wish it was insured for theft, but it wasn't. I let the insurance lapse because I went on holidays and lost the details. I mean, why would someone want to steal my motorbike? It really only had value to me. The dint and scratches gave it character but also devalued it.
    :-( I really hope karma is real
  6. bec should have been done !! pricks dont need a reason!! insurance is to gaurd against them, I hope you get it back in one piece
  7. I'll keep an eye out
  8. i'll keep an eye out for you, where do u hang out :D
  9. ill keep my eyes out. maybe leave a flyer in brighton kawasaki's window aswell?
  10. love your style man ;)

    but bummer on the bike being nicked :(
  11. Why are you asking goz? She has her phone number there...

    Hope you find your lil bike!
  12. Stalking is much more fun :)
  13. the thing about Goz is, i hear that the fish stop swimming when he visits
  14. will keep an eye out
  15. i will keep my eyes peeled.

    i am alway curious as how people get bikes. did it have a disc lock or anything? was it chained up?
  16. From what I can gather from my neighbor, they dragged it out of the car park, picked it up and put it on a trailer they'd wheeled in, covered it in a tarp, wheeled the trailer out and drove off.

    My neighbor being on her own was looking down at shadows from a few storie up, didnt really feel safe confronting them - as you can probably understand. She did a quick check to see if everything was still there after they had gone and didn't notice my bike gone. She dismissed it as someone moving in or out.. There has been stranger stuff happening in out app block. It was only when I told her about my bike that she realized.

    Whoever they are, I really hope karma exists and they get bad Karma inreturn. They had to have checked out the place, my bike was not visible from the street, they would have at some point walked right to the back of the car park.

    No chains or anything, normally we block the bikes in with a car, but it wasn't on this night. A car in the adjacent spot would have also blocked it in as the bike next to it was alarmed.

    Seriously, who steals a 250 that already got character bumps? It's a great example of 'never get complacent with your bike'.
  17. Goz, very sweet... I've never had a stalker. You do seem to be in the wrong state though, and I somehow don't think my fiance will appreciate it too much.
  18. Hope you you your sweet baby back rebleecha. I too wondered why somebody would go out and steal a 250. My mind is rationalising some punk young kids that saw the words 'ninja' on it. Parked in the back? Definetly was a planned job; somebody scoped it out.

    Let us know how you go.
  19. I might just have to get a job in law enforcement just so that I can ask thieves in prison why people bother stealing 250s. Obviously there is a market for them...
  20. you said there has been strange stuff happening in the appartment block. Maybe the thought the bike was someone elses.
    Or someone else has nominated your bike as "payment"