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Stolen : 2007 YZF R6

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Super61, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. My neighbour lost his pride and joy last week (see attached photo) :mad: :( ; if anybody has any info please either contact him or PM me. Thanks


  2. damn another r6
  3. those bikes tend to stray on their own when their owners are not spending enough quality time with them.
  4. Hope somebody catch the theiving fcuks and removes their teeth with pliers :evil: :evil: :evil:

    Hope your mates bike gets recovered dude :)
  5. Is is something about Victoria and R6's? Is there a black hole they all get drawn to or something.....

    I really hope your mate gets it back! I'll print some of them posters and drop them to bike shops up here.
  6. Often wonder just how many would be shoved in a shipping container and transported to Asia (that's where quite a few stolen luxury/performance cars wind up apparently).
  7. Guy had his ZX-636 stolen from outside the main entrance of Chadstone the other day by a van. Caught on security camera, but no real details visible.

    Seems to be one or more very active crime groups operating in Melbourne lately.
  8. That's a bit of a worry :cry: We had our bikes parked there too the other day. I think I might keep my bike ghetto to avoid those thieving eyes :?
  9. Hmmm, I was thinking to upgrade to a R6 next year. I have to give thoughts to getting it now....

    Hope your mate gets his R6 back...
  10. Bit OT, but how do you get the Michelin on the tyres white? Is there a special paint?
  11. Dont be scared mate, just make sure its locked up to at least make it harder. It honestly can happen to any bike.
  12. Here is a link to said bike: http://www.ksrc-au.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=17815&st=0&sk=t&sd=a

    If anyone has any info, please let the buyer know. Doesn't necessarily mean you see someone riding the bike. If you notice parts being sold of said bike in the Chadstone area, give the guy a PM *thumbsup*
  13. omg i know the guy karthik. that sux. really hope he gets his bike back.
  14. Thanks, the more eyes out there looking the better :grin:
  15. Hi 'Super61' ...That unfortunate 'neighbor' would be me ... Thanks for your efforts mate.. totally appreciated :) ...'n yeah, no word on the bike yet ..nothing from the cops yet ....'n frankly, i've lost hope coz most of the riders i've spoken to have said that its a goner :( :( ...Well, life sux without a R6 ...but heyy, i will be back on the road again for sure ...

    @habibi: i dunno if u'd rate "every wknd @ the spurs ..Track Days @ Phillip Island and Broadford raceway (...i also commute to work daily)" as 'spending quality time with the bike' ...but i sure do luk at it as spending a lotta time with the bike ..like someone mentioned... 'this could have happend to anyone ...i caught the bullet..dats all" :(

    Thanks again for your kind words people ...fingers crossd ..i'll get mah baby back :) ..Cheers

  16. @bNiNja... i'll be watchin' out for the ZX-636 (along with mah R6) mate.. i feel the pain of losing the 'love of ur life' .. :(

    @BalckJacket - i painted the 'MICHELIN' part using standard acrylic paint ...its a 15 mins job ...it luks wicked ...but the tricky bit is that it keeps 'chippin' off' ..so u need to re-do it ..say 1nce in 2 weeks ...
  17. @LKC73... Thanx for your efforts mate... i did the same thing last wknd @ broadford raceway... put up notices on the pit walls there ..hopefully someone can gimme information :( ..Cheers
  18. Bikes are stolen to be sold off as parts or rebirthed. Its easy to make
    em disappear so unfortunately, ya more likely than not never to see
    the biatch again bud.

  19. That is true MG... Bikes can be easily made to disappear :( :( ..

    some cherished memories of me 'n mah R6... :(



  20. no insurance???

    where was your bike parked?
    my old R6 had an immobiliser and i assume the new ones have one as standard as well? so i really doubt they would be riding it around. Check on ebay for parts too see, but damn, I hope you get it back.