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NSW stolen 2007 r6 syd and gear.

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' started by ONE, Jun 3, 2011.

  1. HI guys im posting this on behalf of a mate who had his bike stolen recently.
    It's a 2007 R6, White & Red, Completely stock except for rear fender eliminator, Helmet & Gloves also gone. Current rego QGE19.

    Also gone is 4 very expensive guitars

    1963 Fender Stratocaster sunburst, very rare valued at $60,000. Hard to get rid of since whoever knows guitars will know the value of this guitar
    1996 Gibson Les Paul Custom, Tabaco Sunburst
    1994 Gibson 335 Cherry Red
    1997 Gretsch Black Falcon
    Also gone is his Canon 5d Mark II with 24-70 Lens
    IBM Thinkpad Laptop T61
    Dell Laptop Silver

    If anyone hears of anyone trying to unload these can you please let andrew know.
    0416 067 100
    Was stolen from his place at newtown.
  2. FARK! Sorry to hear mate... Sounds like it was just a rand doing the job if they grabbed laptops/cameras as well.. Probably turn up if the idiots try and pawn them.
    Hope your mate gets them back
  3. daaaaaaaaaammnnn, didnt know you had friends :D

    hope he was insured bloke
  4. I read the title and thought your tracky had been stolen! The guitars will probably turn up when the need for crack/heroin calls and theyt head off stupidy to the nearest Cash Converters. I can see it now.... "How much are you looking for for that Strato?" "Oh, abour 200 bucks".
  5. Those bastard dogs! Damn.
  6. For some reason i aint been able to get on here my phone wouldnt let me.
    Anyway he spotted the bike on sat night riding around and im not sure what day it was but the bike was in a chase with thepolice and the rider crashed not sure how bad he is but.
    The rest of his stuff hasnt been found yet.
  7. oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck dude! your poor mate! crashed bike and a police chase!?!?

    at least it was kinda cool...

    hopefully the police find everything else ASAP and it's all connected to the idiot on the bike. hopefully he grazed his knees up bad and they hurt hehe
  8. Forgot to mention the rider is in hospital and the bike is in about 10million pieces cant post a pic as im on my phone.
    hopefully the cops search the dudes house or something
  9. they'll search his house if they know the bike was stolen - it's kinda mandatory, i believe.

    especially as they know it's not just his bike that was stolen...

    he DID report it... didn't he?
  10. was this the same bike chase and crash as what was on the news? rider flew into a street sign or something?

  11. nah that was this morning in redfern, trent mentioned Saturday night
  12. ahh ok cool.
  13. any news, [MENTION=31500]trent112[/MENTION]?
  14. sory no news il have to ask him.
    it might of been that crash in redfern im not sure what night the rider crashed.
  15. little bit of an update the rider who stole the bike is in intensive care, unconscious, leg amputated and has spinal injuries police still cant interview him.
    well looks like a little bit of karma fooked him up.
  16. Definitely the c*nt that stole your mate's bike?
    Fuck him.
  17. wow... just wow. i do hope he's not paralysed, though.

    agreed, if it's the guy that did steal all the stuff. karma indeed! i do hope he like, you know, wakes up and what not and doesn't die etc.
  18. no sympathy. shit go about losing the bike. hopefully he can get the rest of it back...
  19. I would love to know if the police were chasing him because the bike was stolen or if there was another reason? It seems unlikely the PoPo would care about a rider or his missing bike.
  20. more then likely he was speeding around and got pinged and decided to keep going