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VIC Stolen 2005 GSXR750 Melbourne City

Discussion in 'Stolen Bike Register' at netrider.net.au started by Simon Harris, Jan 30, 2015.

  1. Stolen today (30 Jan 2015) from outside 661 Bourke Street Melbourne at 14:07h.

    Bike was taken by 2 males about 30 years old wearing fluorescent jumper/vests. They cut some wires in front of the tank on the left and then turned the ignition with a screwdriver and rode the bike away from what I was told. Apparently there was at least one other theft from Bourke Street today so these guys are practiced.

    Bike is a Blue/Black 2005 GSX-R750. Yoshi stainless steel pipe, black tinted double bubble windscreen and Ventura gearsack frame registration IL711.

    If you haven't got one, get yourself a disc lock as they probably wouldn't have even bothered trying if I had one. I've got CCTV footage of them doing the deed and 2 witnesses that were literally within a metre of them but I'm not holding my breath on getting my baby back. Sorry my first post on here had to be about some bastards stealing my pride and joy.

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    :( Sorry to hear that Simon HarrisSimon Harris, sucks major

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  3. Unfortunate news.. sorry to hear your bike's gone..
  4. fcuking dogs >:O
  5. Thanks for the support guys. I wouldn't wish the loss of your pride and joy on anyone.
  6. Sorry to hear the bad news, i know how it feels, i had mine pinched off my front porch when i was only sitting a couple of metres away, with the front door wide open. They wheeled it up the road about 400 metres and while constantly attempting to get it started some nosey neighbours came out when they heard the commotion, They left the bike and ran off, when i went looking, and found my bike, it fired up first kick, dumb-asses forgot to turn on the kill switch.:LOL:

    The same bike was stolen again weeks later and turned up parked out front of a Hungry jacks 3 or 4, days later,with my helmet still hanging of the handlebar,The bike had sustained some crash damage so i was pleased that they probably scored some road rash/scabs for their troubles.

    Hope your story has a happy ending.