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Stolen 08 R1- no insurance!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Raidz, Apr 5, 2008.

  1. This is not my bike! i got it off ebay! thought id try and help the guy out!

    MOD: ALL caps removed see following post


  2. For legibility an stuff :roll:

  3. I hope the bastard who stole it gets caught. Maybe we could do a job like that canadian site did- come on all the sleuths from around werribee!!!
    Silly bugger for not having insurance tho...
  4. WHat about the rego number? probably dumped the plates but who knows, some of these crims are pretty dumb.

    Also VIN and engine number so you could check it before accusing someone of theft.
  5. what fool parks their 18k bike, in a busy area, with no insurance.
    bike thieves should be hunted and strung up, but not insuring such an investment, is just dumb as far as i'm concerned.
    to each their own i guess.
  6. They used to hang horse thieves back in the day.....same rule should apply to bike theives. :twisted: hope ya find it.
  7. sorry about the bike, but no insurance! [-X
  8. yeah but when its something like an extra $5,000 a year for insurance... makes it a touch choice.
  9. when the figure to insure a ride of mine was that big, i know the insurance companies simply didnt want to insure me... they knew something i didnt.... so i didnt get a "BIG" bike til the premium was more reachable...

    simply if the figure is so ridiculously high.... you are a high risk to the insurer.. and most likely a risk to yourself
  10. trust me, i know!
    i get no discounts on mine either!
    but i guess its about being mature enough to live within your means.
  11. People have a choice what bike to buy and that choice seriously changes how much the insurance costs.

    Buying an R1 instead of a sports/tourer is enough to change the premium from $1500 to 3 times that much without any no-claims bonus.

    So yeah, bike thieves I have no time for... but people who don't insure bikes I have no sympathy for.

    I look at it this way "If I can't afford the insurance then I can't afford the bike".
  12. +1 :applause:
  13. The Previous owner is a moron, no insurance on an 18K bike, deserves to lose it.
  14. to say he deserves it is a bit rough but you have got to be out of your mind not to have it insured.as mentioned,if you cant afford insurance dont buy the bike.
  15. Repeat after me: "vehicles, including motorcycles, are not an investment!"
  16. :WStupid:
  17. Sorry but to buy a bike like that and not insure it is just plain dumb. A (very expensive) lesson learned.
  18. It was april first yeah? Check the OP. And the guy was just "some guy off ebay?"

    This has gotta be worthy of a locking...
  19. That's what I was thinking .. it may have even been a mate that stole it ( as an April's fool prank) :?
    I do agree with most of you re: insurance. If You cant afford the premium .. You can't afford the bike ..simple.
  20. +1 too. seriously.