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stoked new member...

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by integridad, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. hey all - just signed up tonight and wanted to say this place is only gonna feed my addiction to bikes even more!!

    Ive got a ZZR250 at the moment, on my L's and hanging to get a CBR600...just a matter of time..

    Looking forward to getting to know a few people round the place...

  2. Hello and welcome. Cant believe it took nearly 30 minutes for you to get a welcome reply.

    Im sure there are plenty more to come
  3. :rofl:
    I would have replied earlier.....but I've been out riding :LOL: in the rain too mind you. :wink:

    Welcome to the nut house,
    enjoy your ride :)
  4. Welcome and enjoy the forum and your 250 while hanging to get your 600.
  5. welcome, talk to sonja and the other members of the canberra contingent. i'm kinda a canberra ring in so if there is any rides on up there i'll do my best to join in.
    happy riding!
  6. welcome to the site.. wow another canberrieian
  7. Welcome.... :beer:
  8. Welcome, to Netrider and the madness thereof!
  9. yeah - havent been on too many rides down here cause i didnt really know where to find em - problem solved !!

    How many other Canberrans round here? Gotta get our numbers up! :dance:
  10. welcome to the nut house... enjoy the ride...
  11. Welcome - hope you find your stay pleasant
  12. Hello! I'll be in Canberra soon!
    I was down there on Friday, I couldn't believe the number of bikes, and how cars for the most part, treated them with respect.
    I also marvelled at how gay the motorcycle police's leather pants looked.....

    Regards, Andrew.
  13. Welcome integridad!
  14. wlecome to the zoo :)
  15. Welcome integridad :grin:
  16. Gday.

    I, like Typhoon, will also be moving to Canberra soon, hopefully within the next month. Look forward to discovering the raved about rides down there.
  17. Welcome to the forums integridad.

    What's it with everyone moving to Canberra lately?? Has Canberra suddenly become the place to be?
  18. Woot me too 8-[ - i might be moving down to Canberra next year aswell! :dance: