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Stock pipes VN 800 Classic

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by JR001, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. H guys and gals
    Just a simple question ...any ideas about how to mod stock pipes on my missus 2005 VN 800 Classic. NOT debaffling - just drilling holes in them or something similar. I would like to hear some opinions before I start.-
    Did the ho(e)ly thingy on my VN900 last week and I'm very happy with the outcome. If someone can help me out with an idea ... don't be shy :LOL:

  2. Thanks for your help !?!?!? All of you !! :(

    It's done BTW. :grin:
  3. Did drilling holes do much?

    I would have replied except I thought the only way to get a decent note out of those pipes was to rip out the first baffle (I think they have a second baffle halfway in?). Since you said you wanted to avoid that I shut my mouth :)

    Maybe you're the first on here to do it to that bike btw, and that's why noone answered?
  4. Ok maybe I was to quick and to harsh with my comment, I just felt left alone with my problem. But If I see a thread for a few days and there is no response I would post something. And the VN800 is not a brandnew bike on the market so I can assume that someone in the forum has or had one or at least knows one who ect. I did my research so far + found help in a more specific forum. Just to let you know - there is a way to make these pipes dound a lot better, without complete debaffling them. And ... there is just one baffle in each pipe.
    I'm only disapointed about the forum members who give their b******t comments about everything but in my case not even that !!
    Long story short - NOT HAPPY JAN . My intension was not to offend the forum members in any way - just to wake them up a bit.
  5. Jepp it did some. Without baffles the bike is too loud -if I want the sound of Cobra's I would buy them. Just drilling the holes who hold the rivets for the cover plate gives the bike a nice deep and throaty sound. I'm pleased with it - my missus, too. :grin:
  6. compare my Photos with the website and guess who did the better and cleaner Job ?? :LOL: :LOL:



    But thx for your interest !