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Stock paint or go wild on old bikes?

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by xjluva, Nov 17, 2007.

  1. Hey guys and girls,
    I'm going to re paint my old girl and i'm tossing up between going stock ie. the original yamaha blue or black, or I kind of like the idea of going completely outlandish with a bright orange or that green on the new holden utes. Any thoughts? ( I know most wouldn't bother with this bike but I luv it)

  2. Mate go for it! It's no cheaper or more expensive, so why not?
  3. Get a nice mettalic colour like you mentioned the new cars have, they look awesome on older bikes
  4. Or get an old Kawasaki that already has that great metallic/pearl paint from teh factory, and just repaint the stock colour! :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. Depends on your definition of "old" :wink:

    I'v been checking "old" bikes (10 - 15+ years) for the last few months and the ones that have been resprayed non-standard are all still for sale.

    If it's not worth too much, do what you want, but anything sought after will always be worth more with original colours.
  6. Go the green color..

    But as said anything sought after needs to be kept original..

    Thats what i was looking at before i bought the 9.. If it wasnt the original paint then i wasnt interested.. But in saying that, i would custom paint a bike if i was keeping it and not worried about resale value..
  7. matt black with pinstriping.....

    i say no more.
  8. go for it.
    it will be fully sick in a good way.

    stock colours are for weekend warroirs with no personality
  9. Stock colours were right then, and are still right now. Repaints in non-stock, no matter how fooli-sick it looks, still look like a cover-up for problems.
  10. Stay with standard colour if you plan on selling it later than the track.
    If you're gonna keep it, then by all means, do something different.

    You'll have a unique looking ride. :cool:

    So yeh, I'm with the general consensus of previous posters. :)
  11. i hate that about bikes :(
  12. That's Pearl Gentry Grey to you! :p
  13. I was thinking more Candy Persimmon red or Candy Midnight blue.... :LOL:

    Regards, Andrew.
  14. Ive got an old xj I reckon would look great in that XR falcon green "TOXIC' its called.Its your bike paint it what u like as far as resale goes it will count against you but overall condition is gonna be what makes the sale in the end.
  15. Ooh it's fun to pick paint....
    Hothouse green would look cool... I think that's a colour of new Holdens. The bright Ford Falcon colours would look trick, fluorescant blue or orange. I met a guy at my P plate test with CBR250RRRRRRR which was that really bright Falcon blue colour. Never seen another since, so leads me to believe it was a custom job. Any metallic colour would be good. I am tossing up matte black, gloss black or dark metallic blue for my old trailie's tank, as I don't really want to repaint it the original red...plus I already painted heaps of it black, so might as well paint the tank black as well.
  16. My big girl's 12 years old, but people don't realise it because of the paint.

    I say, go with a fresh new colour and bring her into the modern era! :grin:
  17. yeah most people will say that a non stock colour means it has been crashed etc. Take a whole bunch of photos, close ups etc and even some progress shots of the paint work, when you sell it you have proof it was cosmetic and not a patch up job.

    Go for it mate, too many people have standard boring bikes! :cool: :cool:

    Oh Cokeetree your bike does look pretty damn cool, even for a ZZR :cool: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Thanks mate, I think. The front looks a bit dated, but she's got more ponies in ONE CYLINDER than your whole Hyo engine. :wink:
  19. Mate there are more ponies on a merry go round than on my bike! Hey but at least it's a bike!
  20. HAHA, love it. Yep, any bike is better than no bike. :grin: