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Stock exhaust - How loud is "too loud".

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by MotorBoat_MyGoat, May 3, 2013.

  1. G'day, I'm about to order a new slip on for my cbr, but i've been warned that because of the EPA rules it could land me with a large fine. After reading FAQ of the distributor's and manufacturer's there seems to be no problem, but since the police occasionally have a tendency to slap whatever fine they can on you (based on experience) i guess it's not worth the risk.

    I was interested in a TBR slip on - carbon fiber with a DB killer.


    I get pulled over or inspected a couple times a month, hence the precautions, not due to hooning, mainly my riding route.

    Cheers! :woot:
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  2. Whatever is printed on the noise label which should be stuck to the frame of your bike usually near the triple clamp.. It'll say something like "Tested to comply at xxx db at xxxx rpm, exhaust manufacturer Dodgey Bros inc"
  3. What year is the bike manufactured? if it's pre 2008, once modified it must be 94db or below, after 2008 is very messy at the moment. Realistically there is no applicable law.
    As a side note, I've been informed that some bikes leave the factory at 110db and they still comply with ADR's. I was looking at an Aprilia Tuno V4R and that is 102db out of the box.
  4. Thats right Cazzo, my s1K is compliant at 100db!

  5. Well in fact, you bike will also pass ADR reading up to 5db over what you stocker states!

    This is where EPA Vic is coming unstuck. New ADR's were introduced in 2008 and EPA Vic have not bothered to update their rules.
  6. What do you expect the distributors and manufacturers to say?

    "Buy this and you'll get hassled by the cops, maybe fined."
  7. ^^This....

    The Ape (in stock form) was ~ 102db

    With the Aprilia OEM Akrapovics it's ~105db......just way more throaty with better flow.

    I filter past the po-po all the time on the way home from work.....no problem - spot them early....short shift into 3rd and just baaaaarble on by :D

    Bottom line - don't give them an excuse to stop you and scrutinize things and you'll be fine....Hell - the previous bike didn't even have a Cat.......Jonny flat foot never knew
  8. There is no such thing as an 'OEM' Akro or an 'OEM' Termi for arguments sake. These pipes are not supplied by the OEM manufacuturer at the time of testing for ADR apporval, end of story.

    The current state of affairs according to the EPA is very ambiguos, hence why there is whole lot going on in the background.
  9. OH - Cazzo.....you are an augmentative person.

    Yes - Aprilia (as the OEM) do not manufacture the Akros....

    However there are numerous kits available.......one of which is a factory endorsed accessory.....the others of which are not.....

    So I agree that the "Akros" or "Termi" are not OEM - however they are a factory listed accessory - at least if you get the correct revision.
  10. No arguements here, just stating the facts.

    Sure, endorsed not OEM fitted. I don't understand why you are confused?

    Ok, go out to your wog bike. There will the a sticker attached to the frame or under the seat, this will tell you it's 'signature' noise level. It will also have the part numbers of the silencers fitted by the OEM at the time of testing for ADR compliance.

    So once again. In Australia the only part considered OEM is that stated on the sticker.
  11. Oh - Cazzo....

    You are one impetuous troll - thank you for the eloquent response.
  12. So I take it, that you now understand? Once again, stating the facts...you can lead a horse to water...