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Stock exhaust, any point in keeping it?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by huplescat, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. My bike has a Staintune exhaust fitted by the last owner and he provided the original as well which is in near perfect condition (maybe a tiny scratch or 2).

    It passed the road worthy with the Staintune so there doesn't appear to be any reason to hold onto the old one that I can think of.

    Am I right in thinking this way? And are they even worth anything?
  2. In the unfortunate event the bike gets written off in future you put the stock one back on before they take it.
  3. Yes, keep it. If you get EPA'd you'll need it. Also some buyers will want it when you sell it for that reason too.
  4. Is that something that's likely to happen in Victoria, I've never head of it? And if it's already passed a road worthy wouldn't it still be ok emissions wise? Or is that related to noise rather than emissions?

    Sounds like it's still worth hanging onto though, thanks guys :)
  5. If you can take it backto the same guy at the same shop that roadworthied it to clear a defect notice you should be fine, but I'd hang onto it in case.
  6. I'd keep it for the reasons stated above. If you do you will probably never need it, but if you get rid of it, murphy's law says you'll wish you never did.
  7. Some race-tracks demand a stock exhaust.
    Keep it.
  8. Huh? Really? Where and why?
  9. Another reason IMO is to prove that the bike wasn't dropped and the only reason why the aftermarket exhaust is because the stocky is banged up. If you plan on selling it.
  10. i'd keep it, and yeah i've heard some tracks want standard exhausts, and it doesn't really take up that much room. yeah being roadworthy and emissions compliant are two different things these days, annoying but thats how it is.
  11. All of the above. Keep it. If you sell the bike with the Staintune on it it won't add significantly to the preice that you get for it, whereas, if you sell the bike with the standard muffler it shows that the bike hasn't been molested and then you can sell the Staintune separately and make some more bucks. Makes sense.