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Stinky Jacket

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by pozeli, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. So I am back on two wheels again and my leather jacket is ... smelly. Its just the lining under the arms - I think a combination of stress sweat when I was on my Ls and wearing my full gear on those really hot days stuck in traffic through summer. Does anyone have any suggestions to remedy the smell? I've tried vinegar (don't do it - it just smelt like vinegary BO then!) Glen 20, deoderant, Febreeze etc ... still hasn't gotten rid of it.

  2. I put my DriRider in the washing machine with soak. Obviously had the padding out. Smells all gone.
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    I would NOT wash it in the washing machine as per Ozzie johns suggestion, as his jacket is probably textile while yours is leather.

    There was a recent thread on here about washing your leather gear, but that involved hand washing and then using leather conditioner on the jacket before it was completely dry.

    Perhaps try a search to see if you can find that thread?
  4. I bought a vintage (possibly historic) leather jacket online and when it arrived it was rather smelly.
    I thought about getting it professionally cleaned but hell, it only owed me 20 bucks so I put it through the washing machine and it was fine.
    Just give it a good going over with leather treatment while it's still damp to stop it cracking.
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  5. I've used a bicarb soda in the past. From memory I made a paste and rubbed it in. My other go to is baby shampoo, but that's mainly for smelly helmets.
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  6. and smelly babies
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  7. I wear textile gear and like to hang it outside for a day or two, after a long/hot weather ride, to get rid of sweaty (and other) smells.
    A quick shot of Glen 20 or even toilet spray beforehand tends to freshen it up even more.

    Works Ok, 'till a wash is required.
  8. Air it outside; it really is that simple. My jacket has smelt horrendous in the past and that's taken care of it. It smells fine now despite never being washed.
  9. Yeah airing it outside does the trick for me, followed by some conditioning for the leather (I use Sno Seal). If the inside is really whiffy then I'll give it a spritz of Febreze if I got it, or otherwise a 1:3 dilution of white vinegar (the smell goes away as it dries).

    Of course, I say all this but my poor jacket hasn't actually seen any love in years. I haven't even got around to fixing the wrist zips, which have been gone for at least a year. Maybe it's my inner hipster compelling me to 'encourage' it to become vintage.
  10. Thanks everyone. It is the lining that is stinky but yes it is leather outer and it's only about a bit over a year old as I just got my Ls start of last year so I don't want to risk the washing machine yet as the new wheels mean I don't have the money to replace the jacket if it gets ruined. I'll give all the other suggestions a go though. I have heard of people taking their leathers in the shower but I think that's to help wear them in to fit better not to clean them. It's the alpine stars Stella Vika jacket I think the lining isn't the best smell wise if other ladies are considering buying it keep that in mind - otherwise I love it just keep it more deodorised than I did from the start maybe I'll let you know if any of these suggestions work.
  11. This is a non-removable liner?

    You could try gently sudsing up the smelly bit of the liner, then sponging off with a damp (not wet) cloth. Being a bit damp won't hurt the leather if you allow it to dry properly.
  12. Cows don't dissolve in the rain. Nor does their skin fall off if you rub a bit of soap on them. Bung it in the washing machine on a cold no-spin cycle with a bit of laundry detergent, then let it dry naturrally and make with the NikWax or other potion of choice. If a jacket won't stand that, it's no good for riding in.
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  13. Why not try the spray on shoe deodorant 'Odour Eaters' in your jacket? I've used it on my helmet that was becoming
    a bit noisome, even after removing and washing the pads and lining. Fantastic result.

    As for jackets, I'm a bit fan of leaving it propped over the back of a kitchen stool for days on end.
  14. Bosistos eucalyptus spray works a treat on the inside of my boxing gloves. It kills the germs and makes them smell good. Would work great on a jacket too.
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    I understand that you are on a tight budget but it helps to have a second jacket at least so you can alternate wearing them and let them air out. In the long run it does not cost any more. Same goes for helmet.