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Stinky Glove Hands

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by Loz, Oct 20, 2005.

  1. Jason's wet pants query prompted the following question for the collective wisdom of the Net Riders:

    How do you de-stink your winter gloves?

    Or perhaps nobody else has this problem. I've got a pair of waterproof, windproof winter gloves that seem to do their job well - ie. They keep my hands warm and dry when it's cold and wet, even if lever feel isn't the greatest.

    But they make my hands sweat, and that sweat has infiltrated the fabrics in the gloves and turned evil. They ming. They ming to the point where if I put them on for as little as 60 seconds, my hands will ming as well.

    Perhaps most disturbingly of all, my stinky glove hands seem reasonably soap-resistant, in that they take five or six washes with expensive fruity-smelling soap before they stop minging as if I've spent the last hour wrist-deep in a dead animal.

    Is there any way to get rid of this? Am I alone in this affliction? My hands don't normally stink, I promise!
  2. I Know this sounds crazy, but after a ride, i kind of lever my gloves between the pillion saddle and saddlebags (Cruiser) above the Pipes....

    The heat seems to dry them out quickly enough that they dont really "Ming" (sic)

    Maybe find a way to suspend them above your engine after a run ?

  3. Get a can of 'sports shoe deodorizer'. There are a zillion makes, you can get it at rebel sports or anywhere that sells trainers. It works great for sweaty helmets and boots too.
  4. Put them through a wool mix load in the washer!
  5. theres this stuff called nil-odor. comes in a little tiny bottle, one drop in water i think and the stink is gone. works a treat on pushy gloves. got no idea where to get it. great help huh :oops:
  6. Safeway, woolies coles kmart
    hope that helps ;)
  7. Ahem...

    Is this like the collective wisdom of cheese? Cheese smells, as do netriders. How do you stop being cheese?

    Mine don't smell bad Loz, you are a special species of stinky cheese that learned to walk. Enjoy it, someone will want to eat you one day and it will be an experience to savour.....like your stinkiness... :wink:.

    I can understand stinky cheese not wanting to mix with soap, it's an anathema. However, so you must do to de-cheese yourself.

    All other replys are but manufactured no-brand cheese slices to my Gorgonzola of wisdom. Eat of it and be happy, or just go and wash more smelly person.

  8. Errr, I don't have that problem Loz.

    And as for comments on cheese and stinky smells Deyago...... :shock:
    You really didn't need to tell the whole of Netrider ;)
  9. Tee hee. Trust you to think of a dick joke, not that you would know anyway girly. :roll: :)
  10. Thats right, cause Stinky and Cheese and Flipper do NOT mix :-&
  11. Wow Deyago, you're on a whole other planet aren't ya pal?
  12. Loz,
    It's gotta be either bacteria or fungus if it's that bad (probably bacteria).
    Hygiene Wash, from the supermarket. It's intended for washing machines, but it'll do the job mixed up in a bucket.
    Or you could try anti-cheese :D
  13. Fungus? Bacteria? Ewww!

    None of my other gloves pong like the winter ones, I've got 4 pair and all the others are beaut...

    Please don't call me mr. bacteria hands.
  14. Maybe but the view's nice and a shuttle drops in regular like.

    But hey, I'm right, right?

    Bacteria is especially important to Wash Rind cheeses and they stink like a sewer. And how about blue vein (don't bother Debs)? Chocka block with mold....

    So my cheesy friend, what's the solution? Start a boutique cheese farm with the gloves as the major source of culture or kill the little life forms?

    I'm betting cheese......
  15. Loz,
    Did you find a solution? I have exactly the same problem with a newish pair of winter gloves (or at least I did have last winter). I eventually gave up and went back to wearing my trusty old Shoeis - 20 years old and no smell. I'm not looking forward to smelly hands again next winter.
    Cheers. :)
  16. My problem is not stinky hands, my problem is that a month or more after the last time my wet-weather gloves got wet, they are dry, but stinking out my small Ventura bag.
    Can you put them through the washing machine (they are meant to get wet in the rain, after all)???
  17. Yeah to be honest I've happily stopped thinking about it as the weather has been pretty good.

    The gloves feel claustrophobic with no air movement, it's harder to feel the switchgear, levers and throttle, and they stink to high heaven. I'd only ever wear them on a longer ride in the rain, and I reckon that's the role they'll stay in.

    My summer gloves have been getting buckets of sweat in them in these last few 40 degree days, I'm thinking of chucking some talc in them to dry things out a bit... Unless that would root the leather, I dunno.
  18. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: Ask Nodz about powder and gloves :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  19. Try using some leather stuff hornet. I've got this tin of eucalyptus & beezwax stuff I picked up from the Bike Expo 2 years ago & helps make the leather supple again, waterproofs it (not 100% but does pretty well) and also smells pretty good.

    I use it on my leathers to & it works really well. Tip is don't sit down on any good furniture until it has dried :grin: Can get messy.

    It was about $19 a tin (can't remember what it is called though). Dubin works the same.