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Stinkin' leathers

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by ROAMER, Jun 10, 2005.

  1. Yesterday I got "stuck" in broadmeadows till 2AM, and guess what, it started raining. No wet weather gear with me. So I had to ride all the way to Dandy in leathers only. Everything got pretty much soaked. Today as leathers are almost dry THEY STINK!!!! Some fishy stink, especially shoulders of my jacket. And NO it's not me, I wash on regular basis (march, june, and August..sometimes) :LOL: Anyone had similar experience? Any advice?

  2. i reckon it is you..... just been sweltering up for a while till the wetness brings it out (bit like a wet, smelly dog-sorry about that!)
  3. Also been caught in a down pour ROAMER but my leathers have never had a smell to them when they dried out . Maybe you should throw December in there :wink: .
  4. I'll think about it mate :)
  5. OMG... how old are your leathers??? And is the cow dead :shock:
  6. Huh, all that nuclear waste leaking out?????? damn, no wonder it's glowing green :) But you might be right mate. What tricks me is how come it smells like fish?
  7. Jacket about a year, pants 6 months. I guess they are both dead, but I'll bash 'em just in case :) It got wet before as well, couple of days ago, and no smell at all. Oh well..........
  8. When they dry out, attack them with SnoSeal.

    Do a search and find out the best way to apply it. You will have dry leathers with this stuff :)

  9. All that sweat built up over time has leeched out and you get that stink.
    Wash the leathers in a bathtup using a very mild cleaner then dry flat in the shade somewhere then when dry use appropriate leather dressing like sno seal etc.