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Still the 'Man'

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Justus, Mar 8, 2007.

  1. Mundine-Soliman.

    Anthony Mundine has just beaten Sam Soliman (9th R) taking him
    down for the 3rd time.

    Mundine, who has 21 knockouts from his 27 wins, added: "I'm a far
    better boxer now than five years ago. Since we last fought, Soliman
    has lost to (Ronald) 'Winky' Wright - and I'm on a par if not better
    than him.

    "I'm one of the best pound-for-pound boxers in the world, and you

    will see after tonight why.


    "There's no way Soliman can hurt me. He doesn't have the weapons."

    "I plan for it to go the distance so I can enjoy every moment of beating
    him up, slowly and clinically. I'm going to hurt him like no man ever has

  2. lol @ "Usama".

    Grrrrr i wanted Mundine to go down! :evil: It looks like ill have to take him out myself lol :LOL:

    Ah what can i say, he's done well to get this far.
  3. SMILING Sam Soliman's world title dream died a disastrous
    death in Sydney last night.

    The popular Melbourne boxer was so comprehensively destroyed
    by Anthony Mundine in their WBA super middleweight title fight
    that, at 33, he is unlikely to get another chance at his life's ambition.

    Savagely knocked down three times in the ninth of 12 rounds,
    Soliman was in a bad way in his corner as so many of Mundine's fans
    jumped into the ring that it collapsed.

    The result was already a formality with Mundine dominating the fight
    from the second round, in which he knocked Soliman down for the
    first time.

    It was the second time the controversial Mundine had won the title,
    and he jubilantly told the crowd: "To all my critics, you can call me two-time.
    That was the best ever."

    Soliman, who had never been knocked out before, earned plenty of
    respect for the way he kept banging away, but he was never a chance.

  4. Ahhhh boxing :) the sport of kings!

    .... and the mildly brain-damaged.