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Still Stuck on which bike to buy !!!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by mdelpopolo, Dec 13, 2011.

  1. Igot my learner license and its been 2 months now and ive been close to chosing certain bikes but then i find something i dislike about them, im lookin at about 4k max, sports or race bike and for the road, i drive a car to work, its more for the weekends and to go for cruises during the week. If you guys/girls give me a few bikes to look up so i have a wider range of bikes !!! :) thanks heaps

  2. CBR250. Can't go wrong with that. Or a Ninja 250 - good fun and good looking. Buy second hand. You most likely will sell again in 2 years time!
  3. Dont like the ninja's, cbr 250 is in the equation, thanks :)
  4. IF it's a LAMS bike your after get what you can that has some degree towards your liking with 13 or so months you want to upgrade to your real bike anyway. 99.999% of LAMS riders will upgrade there bike as soon as allowed.
    I also think you during your LAMS time you will change your riding style and what you really want out of your bike and upgrade acordingly.
    Find a bike with in your budget that is alos cheap to maintain.
  5. Get a bike that will help you learn rather than just pass the time on your Ls/Ps. Something that will save your ass if you get into trouble as you push yourself to do different things and go to different places.
  6. You can get as many suggestions as you like, but at the end of the day you need to look at, sit on and hopefully test ride ad many bikes you can.

    Then what you do is buy the one you liked the most. Remember it's your FIRST bike, at this stage you really don't know what suits you and what doesn't.

    When I first started out I wanted a cruiser. After owning a 250 cruiser and test riding some real ones, I soon worked out that I hated the f**king things, still do.
  7. I spent months um-ing and ah-ing after I got my Ls deciding which would be THE PERFECT bike for me.. After 3months on the bike I realised that I likely would have fallen in love with any bike that I have chosen and should have done a little less conversation, a little more action.
    10months on the bike later and I have more of an idea of what I want to upgrade to and still have so much to learn on my LAMs bike.

    If you're after ease of maintenance, imo you can't go wrong with a fairing-less bike like the Honda VTR250. Less to scratch and dent if you drop it/fall/crash and easier to get to some bits if you're learning basic maintenance stuff. Plus torquey enough to handle city traffic and manages the freeway well.
  8. I was in the same situation as yourself only a month ago. I was surfing the web looking for the "perfect" bike for a new rider. I started with CBR250RR, then decided that it was too old, then moved to Ninja250R (Old bike with new fairings), Aprillia RS125 (Too many maintenance issues for a new rider), Yamaha R125 (It's a 125, will get bored of it). In the end I made a purchase & got an Aus Delivered CBR250RR. I haven't looked back or doubted my purchase. It took a while to find the right one, but I am extremely happy with the bike. I have been riding it now for a few weeks now & have just fallen in love with riding. My suggestion would be to go with your gut feeling. I'm sure i will upgrade when my restriction period is over, but for the moment I am extremely happy with the CBR.
  9. I have flogged this cat to death and will continue to do so in EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THESE THREADS "what learner bike to buy"

    Answer = VTR250

    ::end of line
  10. Maybe 99.999% of LAMS riders that didnt buy a decent LAMS bike ;)
  11. you know I would almost agree with you, buut every learner that I speak to want to upgrade.
  12. I'd look for a bike that fits...

    250 V 400 V 650

    Straight Vs V

    I've got a FZR 250 and a SFV 650 Lams, Love the SFV, Bigger Bike and so much more easy to ride.. of course there is ten years difference
  13. Should be able to buy a late model Suzuki GS500F for around that money, get the E fairing-less model if you are little unsure, they have the best resale of LAMS and are bulletproof.
  14. gs500 ?
    dr650 ?
    dr400 ?
  15. if you've already got your L's then just buy any bike, less time perusing more time cruising.
  16. Okay, you don't want to buy a lemon or something so beige that you can't stand riding it BUT...

    this is your first bike and the tool you'll use to gain/refine your riding skills. Take a look at the (almost) bullet-proof GS500 or similar - no fairing not only means less potential for expensive damage if you have a noob low-speed/stationary drop, it also means easier to do basic maintenance such as oil and plugs yourself. Remember, it's most likely not a bike you'll keep for life but it should keep you happy whilst you serve your LAMS period.

    Remember to factor riding gear into your budget. Helmet, jacket, Draggin's, gloves and boots at a minimum.
  17. {double-post}
  18. It's been said before in this thread, you don't want a bike with fairings at this point in your riding life, not only are they expensive but the insurance on a sports bike with fairings is a killer (expensive)

    You need to ride a naked bike with a bit of go but something that's not scary like the GS500 naked but I also want to draw your attention to another great little bike that unfortunately doesn't get much a mention but will do a tour with ease, is very easy to handle for the nooby, very stable bike with good brakes (even though the rear brake is a drum...nothing wrong with that) they are very comfy and reassuring that is the Kawasaki ER500 or just plain ER5.

    eg. http://www.bikepoint.com.au/all-bik...C3C551E&__Nne=15&__Qpb=1&PriceTo=684&__N=1432 604 1430 1429 1626 1428 4294967215 4294966158 684&silo=1400&trecs=1

    I bought one of these during my Lams period and I was extremely happy with it. I did my licence test on it and passed first go but sone of the guys who did their licence test on the low handlebar sports bikes failed because they were a biatch to do a U-turn while keeping balance without putting feet down....there were 2 of these in my group and both flunked it so that told me they are harder to ride and manouvre.

    Yes they are getting on in years now but the motors are not stressed and if serviced properly should be still good, but you really don't get that much for $4,000 apart from an older bike. It's less painful in the back pocket if you drop it.
    I highy recommend the ER5 for the first bike.


  19. Totally agree - I had one and was very happy with it. They're a bit harder to find than the Suzi GS500, but a fair bit cheaper if you can get one:

  20. For this end of the market I'd ignore the part about comprehensive insurance... it'll cost you an arm and a leg per annum and would most likely easily pay for a replacement bike.

    I've owned the bikes in my sig line and have to say that it depends on your riding environment what you will buy. Lots of commuting? Dirtbike like the DRZ-400 or DR650. High seat, good power, lots of presence. Hard to wreck by dropping, too.

    Freeway and twisties? Go the CBR250R, but make sure its been well maintained as many are getting quite old now. They'll teach you how to get the most out of modern, high-revving engines and how to ride a proper sport bike. They are also quite forgiving around town and good on fuel.

    The GS500 kind of bike is also very good with a proven record for reliability and are loved by everyone thats ridden them. Decent power and fuel efficiency and no fairing are bonuses for a learner, as are ease of maintenance and good freeway riding.

    Hope that helps =- boingk