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still on restrictions....should i upgrade?

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by livingstonest, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. hey all i'm on my L's and have had my cb250 for little over a month now. i really would like to upgrade it.

    question is should i get a ducati 620 monster or hyosung gt650?

    i just want something more fun with a bigger engine. i'm a little worried that if i upgrade now, after a year even if i get the ducati and hyosung unrestricted i might be bored with them.

    my dream would be the honda cbr600rr but i'd gotta wait a whole year for that!
  2. I'd ditch the CB and go for a hornet 250.

    Riding restricted bikes is not much fun believe me :(
  3. what? those bikes are legal still?

    ive had my zxr for about 5 months and still loving it :D except when i get my arse kicked by bigger bikes :(
  4. If you are in a LAMS state and you can afford to why not. Particularly if you intend to keep the bike for a bit (in derestricted form) after you get off your restrictions.
  5. From a quick google I found these are legal (for LAMS approved bikes) http://www.girlsrideout.com/lams.htm
  6. why not try a 400 cc inline 4 :D a bandit or XJR, top bikes, heaps of fun :wink:
  7. Well, the Hyosung is a great bet because it can be made UN-restricted once you have your full licence. The lates Two Wheels mag has an excellent test and recommends it for riders like yourself.
  8. If you are one of the lucky folk with a sensible LAMS program in your state then go ahead. If you are not, don't. You wont be covered by things like TAC or your own insurance not to mention not being legally licensed to ride the bike. Bikes are a passion but don't get ahead of the basic legalities or you may suffer the consequences.
  9. For the duke lite, the throttle restrictor means you can only put on about 20% of the throttle. When you switch it (or drill it out), it gives you about 5 times more throttle or acceleration.

    If you've got the money go for it. You won't find that many duke lites for sale second hand though.

    And the wait for parts is frigging abysmal. I'm at 4 months now and still waiting (though the headlight bracket only got ordered 2 months ago).
  10. thanks for help guys.....i may consider a 400cc inline

    question for "kaer"

    is your duke still unrestricted? how long have you had it? is it a fun bike? do you see yourself keeping it for awhile or do you feel you want to upgrade/change?
  11. just dont get your heart set on anything before you try out a few bikes.

    but yeah, i'd personally go one of the 400/4s, they're kickass bikes. my GF has an XJR and bigger bikes arent even getting a look in for her. they feel like big250s with a bit of punch, revvy bikes that handle well and go like a cut cat :D

    just my opinion, even tho you didn't ask for it :LOL:
  12. I rode the Hyosung before I bought the Hornet (have a full licence so no need for restricted) and the only thing that I didn't enjoy was the brakes, but I believe the Koreans have done some work on that. It functions as a normal bike in every respect, and gives you some return on your investment after your restriction period. Plus it's a full-sized bike if you're a bit bigger of frame. Go ride one and make up your own mind; de-restriction only costs $139 (I believe)
  13. The duke was a duke lite that got smashed up by some learner. I bought it at auction to repair it.

    I'm still in the process of repairing it, so ain't gone on a ride on it yet :)

    The throttle restrictor got drilled out as part of the repair process (which also means I have to rego it as a full 620 rather than a lite).

    I've only ridden the duke monster once, but that was enough for me to go and get one (albeit on this rather convoluted course that has taken 4 months so far).

    When I was looking for a new bike, I tried out a lot, knew what I'd be using it for, and the duke fitted my profile. (Also I can't ride sports due to my shoulder). Big note, the duke fits my riding style/needs. It may not fit yours.

    There's a _lot_ of duke 620 lite monsters that get smashed up by learners. The most annoying part of this is hardly any end up at the wreckers, and they all get repaired via new parts which makes part ordering highly sucky.
  14. Think of it this way...

    You're bored with your bike and still on your L's...
    Which means youve still got to get your P's, and once thats done youve got A WHOLE YEAR on this boring bike...

    Upgrade sooner than later, you dont want to end up hating bikes because of it... You could end up driving a cage :shock: