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still laughing

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by McLvn, Jan 4, 2010.

  1. A bit of a laugh.

    Coming down an off ramp from Anzac bridge in Sydney, three lanes, right lane leading into cross city tunnel, middle lane splits into two with one of them leading into the tunnel as well.

    I'm sitting in the middle lane three hundred metres away from the entrance, my intention is to avoid the tunnel and head into the city centre. Big truck on my ass, left lane has a car just in front of mewith others approaching from behind.

    As the middle splits truck decides he likes the tunnel and we seperate with his front left bumper half a metre from my shoulder.

    I start to laugh hysteriacally as there was no immediate danger.

    To all the commuters, Are you as blaise as I am now to all the shit on the road?
  2. I think that your example is exactly what I was thinking about a few weeks ago. I remember the time where I would have crapped myself at the total idiocy happening around me during my daily commute into the CBD. Now I prepare for it, and just shake/shrug/laugh when it happens, since it's just not worth getting worked up over.

    Although that doesn't stop me from having some fun staring down cagers who seem to be intimidated by a 130 kg bloke on a cruiser wearing leathers (insert evil grin here)

    (by the way... I think the word you were looking for was "blasé").
  3. Not blasé, but when I was new it would stress me out. Now I consider everyone may do anything at any time and react when I need to. Although your incident is a new one on me ;) You generally consider someone behind won't accelerate into you. Fail to brake yes but not speed up to get you.:roll::roll:
  4. haha you crazy bastard!

    Closest I had was the other week going up to putty road and spending $200 on groceries then when I was up in the tourist drives setting up for a corner and seeing in the right hand wheel track some roadkill and an iguana chomping away at it. Needless to say if that thing had been on the LH wheeltrack, it may have made my corner a bit of a erm... challenge! :LOL:
  5. Thing is now I'm thinking about it.

    Can you become too de-sensitized to the comings and goings of idiots in traffic?

    I can appreciate that I will almost always be aware that riding has an inherent danger to it and self preservation is very high on my list.

    But can you get to a point where your thinking can get clouded by the repetition of your daily route? Where you know the ride like the back of your glove and daily occurances just seem the norm.

    It's just my confidence playing in traffic is pretty high and I have been at fault a few times, but it's beginning to melt together and the ride is just starting to become a more dangerous venture, due to me brushing all these incidents off.

    I think this requires further contemplation.