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NSW Still LAMS with aftermarket exhaust?

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by kimar, Jun 8, 2015.

  1. Hi guys, I've bought a CBR125R a few months ago right after I did my L's.
    Now I (more accidentally) found out that I might have problems with the LAMS status with the aftermarket exhaust that was fitted by the seller. (It's this one: http://tyga-performance.com/site/product_info.php?cPath=72_1036_701_764&products_id=1686)

    Anyone knows if this is a major problem? I'd like to make my P's in the near future, but now I'm unsure if it's even smart to attend with this bike or rather sell it and get one without any after market parts attached / borrow one for the pre-provisional course / M.O.S.T.

    Thanks in advance, cheers.

  2. There would be thousands of such bikes going around. It would take a real prick of a cop to hassle u about it. I wouldn't worry
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  3. Awesome, thanks for your answer.
    To be hones I'd worry less about being pulled out by a cop but more about having problems during the "roadworthiness" check at the Rider Center when attempting my P's. Anyone got any experience about this? Do they give a sh*t about things like aftermarket exhausts. I mean the bike in general is in good condition and just got it's new rego about a month before I bought it.
  4. I wouldn't worry about it, my road worthy test for my MOST was
    All lights work? Horn works? Good tread on tyres? Then I was good to go.
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  5. Ok, thank you guys. Then I'd probably just attend the course and hope for the best. Thank you, you're awesome :)
  6. You should be right, NSW did go through an anal period when after market exhausts were targeted but I believe the after market exhaust companies lent on the government with threats of restraining their trade etc and the government quietly backed down. Really all they can say is does it comply with noise limits and a standard MOST test doesn't do a noise test, I think. After market exhausts can flatten out power curves and give you some extra horsepower but rarely would push a bike out of the LAMS 150kw/tonne limit.
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  7. I saw a few blokes put their baffles back in their exhausts (whilst instructor looked on) so I wouldn't be too worried
  8. Aftermarket parts aren't a problem in the MOST test, remember the blokes working there live and breathe bikes, they aren't going to turn you away for that. If it is ridiculously loud it may be a problem, but more so with the police.

    I'm pretty sure that the exhaust would have to give a cbr125 about 1209% increase in HP before it was nudging the LAMs threshold :p
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  9. Yeah I wasn't really concerned by hitting the 150kw / 1t limit rather than kinds of bureaucracy or formal things. But good to hear that =D

    I've already been looking for a stock exhaust, but given the case I'd not only need to replace the muffler but also the pipe this might get an expensive thing to do. Also because I kind of like this aftermarket thing. Isn't too loud I think but it still gives the bike a bit more sound. The next thing is that I'd like to upgrade after I've got my P1 (maybe keep the CBR as a commuter etc.) so I'd rather not like to spend too much money on this anymore, except for maintenance and to keep it going of course.
  10. Why would you bother fitting an exhaust to the 125?

    The only thing you will achieve is a lighter pocket !
  11. If you could get an aftermarket exhaust that would put a CBR125 over the 150kw/1t limit it would sell like freeking hot cakes lol!!! No offense meant of course :)
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  12. Just say that the original got damaged and this one was the cheapest replacement exhaust available that your local store had. The cop would have to be on quite the powertrip to defect you for that.

    As long as the baffles are in and its not ear piercingly loud, I doubt the mechanics doing the roadworthy would care. They might however get a laugh at the attempt to improve its street cred!
  13. Yepp, that's why I don't really know why it's been done. probably Nicholai_Chev is right...

    Yeah so true...

    From what I've seen (and heard) while being on the road the 125 with this tyga exhaust is rather one of the more quieter class...louder than the oem exhaust though.

    I'll keep you posted on what the mechanic said as soon as I've attendet my Ps.
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  14. On the plus side is it is probably way lighter and like you said looks and sounds better. A lot of the pipes put onto bikes do sweet FA in terms of power but can help with power delivery. That is it feels nicer to ride.
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  15. After having just done my MOST test about 2 months ago; I can assure you they don't care. The instructor who took our group said that he encourages slightly louder exhausts to improve safety. My aftermarket exhaust is somewhat louder than stock but is nowhere near deafening. As long as you don't be a tosser by hitting the limiter whilst weaving through cones at 10km/h, they won't punish you.
  16. Awesome and thanks! As far as I've read, opinions diverge in terms of noise. But definitely good to hear that, then I'll book my course asap.