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Still having issues (mechanical help please!)

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by conspiracytheorist, Mar 11, 2007.

  1. Thanks for everyones advice when I was asking for help with carbies. Been having some problems and thought you might have some ideas.

    So basically we've cleaned carbies, new plugs, air filter clean and oil, new engine oil and filter, metho in tank, carb/injector cleaner in tank. At 4000+ rpm its missing (can hear popping in left exhaust only). This is making for slow throttle response, very poor performance, taking a long time to get revvs up, and sitting on constant rpm its jerky (bike moves back for a split second.. if that makes sense).

    Anyone have an idea as what might be the problem? Would carb sync or fuel/air mixture have something to do with this (note, didn't change that when doing carbs).
  2. Just had a thought. I put new oil in just before this started happening, so would this have anything to do with valve timing/clean/whatever you do?
  3. ok so u have cleaned / changed oil and filters and carbs. I suggest a valve lash and carb mixture adjust and balance.
  4. Don't know what that means.. I've thrown in the towel in terms of self-fixes, so I'll tell that to the shop mech :cool: Thanks.
  5. check the spark plyugs for fouling and that they are firing also the leads, battery terminals, and also timing, as the crackle could be unburnt fuel escaping into the pipes and ligniting which will also feel jerky as the bike will only be firing on one cylinder
  6. Phizog i had a similiar problem, it felt as though i was losing power and my rpm was droping rapidly, turned out to be my valve clearance. Now the bikes running better than ever...
  7. Yeah put in new sparks today.

    Thanks wedge, convinces me even more that it might be valves. Hopefully I'll have bike back to 100% before the week is out, and with new chain :grin:
  8. valve lash / clearance is the procedure of checking the gap of the tappers to the camshaft when cold so when the motor gets hots and metal expands its all ok!

    anyways take to mechanic to do valve lash and carb tune / balance and see how you go note i got quoted about $ 250 - 300 labour for this job on my gpx250 which shares the zzr motor

    NOTE parts will be extra.

    hope this helps
  9. Ouch. Better ring the manager, I'm going to need some more shifts.
  10. Thats pretty expensive i got mine done for $140, but that was without shims. Maybe the quote was with shims, although it might not need them.
    Probably worth your while ringing around.
  11. wedge;

    gpx/zzr motors do not use shims maybe it was a rip off price though, quote was from teamoto kawasaki on parramatta road they are quite expensive.


    call around see what the mechanics suggest i guess