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Still happens !!!!!!

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Boulevard Bear, Jul 17, 2009.

  1. Quite amazing.......nothing against P platers because we all had to be there some stage BUT, I was in a line with 3 cars, the P plater in front then 2 cars behind (wet roads). Truck pulls out on us & ok he pulls over to the left (decent bloke), the line of cars go past, P car in front of me jams on his anchors half way past truck for NO REASON!!!. I lock up both wheels & have a choice to hit him or drop it - I managed to hold it but the mirror broke 2 ribs & the cars behind missed running over me by mm's. Lots of tyre marks afterwards :eek:

    Moral of the story is even though as good experienced riders we think we have everything covered - there is still no planning for total unbridled lunacy.........
    Hope you don't come across the same moron in your riding :mad: :mad: :evil: :evil: :arrow: :) :)

  2. Man, that sucks. I hope you get better really soon. I wonder when there will be laws that penalise driving like you described (braking for nothing)? There's too many who brake going into clear intersections with green lights, and brake when they see someone in the next lane braking.
  3. Sounds like you were riding too close to the moron.
  4. Fair comment & I was waiting for that one to come back...however, at 50kph on wet roads I would have had to be back at the last intersection to avoid this one!!! In hindsight & theory I would have to agree with you but one still is never prepared for something like that. As a rider we know to ride in advance of our position & scan etc etc. When you are next riding or driving somewhere give yourself a test & see IF you could avoid the vehicle in front if all of a sudden they locked up for no reason :) :)

    Cheers Bear
  5. I agree that in this situation it would have been hard to avoid as we never plan on some tool sslamming on their brakes for no reason however you have pointed out it was wet and there was at least a medium body of traffic around you. Whenever in traffic with wet roads a buffer is the most important thing you can maintain. Keeping a reasonable space between myself and the car/truck in front has saved me many a time.
  6. Back at the last intersection, or just letting the P-plate idiot gain space? Point is, a vehicle in front may need to brake legitimately at any point - and we all know the extra challenge presented by wet roads. It gets a bit frustrating on multi-lane roads when somebody decides that your safety gap to the vehicle in front is there for them to move into, but keep trying.
  7. WTF? Don't come crying to me when a red light runner turns you into a pancake. Intersections are major risk areas for collisions, so it's smart to reduce speed on approach and prepare your response to major acts of d!ckh34derry. There's usually plenty of oil, metal plates, dodgy repair work and so on spoiling the surface as well.
  8. If you need to slow down to safely negotiate a normal intersection you have no place on the road :roll:
  9. Time and place. On approach if something looks off i'll set my speed lower before i enter. In general a glance to the left and right suffices. The OP sounds like they were in heavy traffic tailgating and the P plater either saw something that they considered a threat or they didn't like the sight of him so close to their tail so slammed the brakes.

    Either way there's plenty of ways that the accident could have been avoided but i'm not going to nail him for stuffing up. Nobody's perfect. Chalk it up to experience and move on is what I say....
  10. Yep, and a quick self review of what you did wrong then move on.
  11. Total crap. It's not a case of *needing* to slow down in order to handle the bike safely - it's about making allowances for the retarded antics of other drivers.

    There is no such thing as a normal intersection. Some have great visibility and you can see if anyone is likely to enter from a long way back. In those cases, proceeding through at full speed is fine. Here in the ACT many major intersections are in 80km/h zones, but visibility is such that you can't see traffic entering from the right until you are within about 50m of the intersection.

    Imagine that you are entering an intersection at 80km/h, and 50m from the intersection you realise that the bimbo in the Pajero is entering from the right against a red light. Assuming that you don't f*ck it up, your stopping distance at 80km/h including reaction time is about 65m in the dry. Welcome to pancakesville, population: you.

    To stop within 50m you would need to be doing around 70. Remember that this is not an emergency braking exercise under controlled conditions, where you know what is coming. In the second it takes to react you would travel 20m.

    So how about this: if you think that it's never appropriate to slow before entering an intersection, then you don't know how safely to negotiate an intersection - and YOU have no place on the road.
  12. Mostly not never, you doing the unexpected is as bad as other people doing it! If you normally need to slow for a green light catch the bus. Lights that have just turned green are far more dangerous than those that have been green for awhile. Why is breaking your only thought when someone drives out in front of you? Reaction time of 1 second when you know you are coming up to a potential hazard? If you do insist on breaking for no apparent reason do yourself a favor and check your mirrors first or you will end up a pancake. Idiots running a stale red are not common, idiots not paying attention and running up someone’s ar$e are.

  13. damn wee had a SHIT DAY 2DAY HUH !!!!!!!! FML !!!!!!
  14. I've personally witnessed at least one incident where someone ran a stop sight and tboned the cross traffic which had right of way. Both vehicles were cars, and lucky for the not at fault party that they were not on a bike: the driver had to be freed with the jaws of life.

    One of my teachers back in highschool was killed on his bike in the same manner as above - some wanker running a stop sign at a four-way.

    Of course not every intersection is the same. More visibility = more leeway in your actions and whether you need to slow.

    Oh, and 'slowing' != 'braking'. Personally I roll off, except for one particularly bad intersection a block from my house which I refuse to go through at above 40
  15. Don't just roll off with someone behind you, use a little rear brake, just enough to make your brake light come on. Car drivers don't know how much engine braking you have on a bike the light has a better chance of getting their attention.
  16. damn wee had a SHIT DAY 2DAY HUH !!!!!!!! FML !!!!!![/quote]

    WTF is "FML??................
  17. F**K My Life
  18. Thanks Willzah, some of us older guys need updating occasionally! :grin:
  19. Slowing before an intersection is only "unexpected" if you're a 'tard and a tailgater. Reaction time of 1 second is realistic for real-life situations where you need to assess a situation and respond. Nowhere did I state that the ONLY option is to brake, but again, most 'tards don't realise that the higher your speed, the fewer your evasive options (which may include accelerating). Naturally, one should always check one's mirrors before braking, but I doubt that the injury and fatality statistics back your claim that rear-enders are a greater threat.
  20. Bad mistake, DON"T ever assume traffic or what you think they might have been thinking/seeing or riding pozzy on the road. Just read the facts with no assumptions & comment accordingly!!!! :evil: