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Still Got It

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by PatB, Jun 10, 2010.

  1. Coming into work this morning, doing my usual "make net progress above average traffic speed" along the 80 limited Great Eastern Highway through Perth's Hills, when I came up behind a late model Commodore in the outside lane. He indicates and moves to the left and I prepare to do my usual burst to minimise the time I'm alongside him, when my spidey sense tells me "Hmmm. Late model Aussie sedan, doing speed limit and exhibiting good lane discipline. Maybe we'll just tuck in behind him and observe". So I move left as well.

    Aerial count shows three little antennae on the back window and a glance through the car reveals an unidentified hump in the middle of the dash. Still, could just be GPS and a satphone in addition to a normal mobile maybe. Car is blowing condensation from the exhausts which makes me think it's only just started from cold, which indicates a civilian who's just left their driveway and so might just be taking it easy until their engine warms up.

    A couple of cars go past in the outside lane, doing the 10-15 over that's normal for that stretch of road. No immediate interest from the threat vehicle, but then his speed drifts up a bit. Still might just be Joe Public waking up. Then, just as I've decided I'm being paranoid and I'll ease past at the next opportunity, the disco lights come on and one of the cars that went past us gets pulled.

    I award myself 7/10 for observational skills and continue on to work in a warm glow of self-satisfaction.

    Mind you, it's a bit of a sad reflection on the standard of driving in WA that the thing that really rang the alarm bells in my head was the fact that the Keep Left Rule was being followed properly.
  2. theyve changed their attitude then.
    When i lived in perth people were always bitching about getting pinged for fail to keep left.
  3. It's always awesome when it's not you that gets pinged. I always get a warm, fuzzy feeling when I see the guy next to me getting done :)
  4. pfffy, try spotting the un-marked's doing 30-50k quicker then the traffic while you split in peak time... much more fun and rewarding when you see them glue to their mirrors watching/waiting for you to pass/split and they almost arse-end the car in front (like this morning!).... :grin:
  5. :rofl: :rofl: :grin: nice!
  6. Ha!

    Had one heading the opposite direction from me on the Great Wstn as I was going into Lithgow try to pull a U turn to stop me, and he spun out on gravel. I didn't stop and continued on to the maccas.:D

    Ran into him at the maccas, he didn't say anything to me, just wandered inside quickly :)
  7. After riding in Vic for 2 years without any fines, i think its safe to say I'm completely paranoid of all late model falcons/holdens that are driving even semi-decently.... Parked cars by the side of the road get my spine tingling aswell...
  8. What a tool.
  9. I just enjoy the confirmation that I've got my eyes open and brain engaged a bit better than someone else did. It reminds me that my clean licence and lack of "harassment" are due to a little more than just luck (though The Lady does play a significant role, I'll admit).
  10. I have this weird 6th sense and just kind of... KNOW when a popo is infront or behind me - unmarked or not, before I even see them (when they don't have their sirens on and stuff I mean lol).

    I have the same with cars doing stupid stuff before it happens too "That car is about to come into my lane without looking/indicating" BAM he does it. Awesome that I knew cause I was prepared.
  11. Be aware that some actually use different makes and models...I got pulled over for a random breath test by a toyota rav 4 in dee why 8-[
  12. I had my first near encounter with the police a few days ago. I mean I've seen lots of marked cars on the roads and stuff, but I ride almost entirely within the law [aside from filtering] so wouldn't have had any issues.

    In this case, I was filtering and had noticed another rider behind me in my mirrors. After the next start/stop by the hoi polloi, I waited for the other rider to filter past me. I like to filter behind other riders so I can pick up on any useful behaviour and also to not hold them back since I tend to move a bit more slowly than most.

    Anyways, after a while [few more start/stops etc] I saw a police bike [white helmet with the police pattern on it] in the right lane and immediately pulled into a decent sized gap in the same lane. The the other rider in front of me though must have missed it or something [or he felt super confident] because he kept going. In the process of getting into the gap, I didn't see where the other rider went, but I think he filtered to the front and then took a left [the lights had just gone green]. Anyways, the police bike immediately changed lanes and then took a left into the same street, I can only assume he was after the other rider.

    I felt bad for the guy and I hope he didn't get a ticket =[
  13. I think I know what you mean, I have that too, but it's not a sixth sense. It's just experience and learning to read the small things. Someone who is about to move over might slightly move their car towards your lane first? It might be that you saw that car do something similar earlier. It might also be expectation by association - ie: any glinting clean 4WD that has never seen dirt is likely to be driven by a tool.

    That said - don't assume it will always save you because one day something really will take you by surprise.

  14. Just be careful with this one. From my personal experience I HATE sitting behind other riders when splitting, you can't see forward enough, you can't see what other cars are doing, its effectively IMHO riding blind. Also the difference in bikes, if they have a thinner bike and/or lower/higher bars/mirrors and squeeze through a gap, you might automatically follow without thinking.

    But this is a good thing, nice work, I do get the shits very quickly with riders who don't let me pass when I know I'm there. It puts me in the situation above.
  15. Yup. There's at least one WRX here and I saw a Land Cruiser pulling someone over on the Freeway a few weeks ago.

    +1. Especially when the rider ahead bottles out at a gap I could get a bus through and then sits there blocking everyone behind. And especially especially when I let them get ahead in the first place 'cos they were barelling through the easy stuff behind me.
  16. Very true, those are all good points. I try to leave a decent sized gap when filtering behind someone, so if a car decides to do something funny between the other guy and me, I have enough time to figure out what I need to do. I also try to judge all gaps on their own merit, but being on a VTR250 I tend to be skinnier than most others. It's seriously impressive some of the beasts I've seen people filtering on D:

    Thanks (y)
  17. I heard about your Rexxy, rumors on the hoon forums mostly, but does he look like this? Rumor was that this was the marked one that was to live on the Princes Hwy

  18. For most bikes, the limiting factor is handlebar width. If the whiskers go through, the rest of the bike will generally follow, and most bikes' bar widths are surprisingly uniform. That's in a straightish line, of course. It's a bit different if you need to cut across lanes in a gap between cars. Poor turning circle, long wheelbase and bulky luggage all can cause problems. A BMW rider of my close accquaintance got himself wedged mirror to pannier one day when trying this :oops:.
  19. Somehow today i knew that the L plater in front of me would do an Epic Fail while trying to do a hill start, and waited a couple car lengths behind them... despite being honked at from behind me.
    Sure enough, i picked it to within 2 metres, until they finally pulled away with tyres squealing and pouring smoke, upon which i caught the red, and turned around to smile to the driver behind me who honked me.
  20. Nup. Ours is in plain Subaru metallic blue. Gets about a bit too, so I suspect that it gets passed around between police districts.