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Still got 6 lives left.......

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by fastkid, Oct 26, 2008.

  1. Ok so I finally convince my mate to get a bike license after hes had 2 skylines stolen and 4 broken into attempts outside his flat. He has a tiny garage that would hide a bike nicely.

    So he goes off gets a license and buys all his gear.. all good. Saves hard cash and buys a Hyosung GT250R yellow bike looks very nice. However hes to scared to ride it back, fair enough. Asks me to ride it back im like nah nah busy blah blah (bad mate i know) but finally I give in.

    Riding the f%$er back, as slow and steady it is im taking it easy. Cnr Inkerman st and Hothem st I pull up to the lights. Approx 20 metres from his joint I take off on the green...

    Incoming cager decides not to give way when turning right! crashing straight into me! I flip Valentino style and land on the cars bonnet and roll onto the road. The cagers like I didn't see you blah blah and Im like WTF I was driving straight your meant to give way blah blah. Anyways got like 10 witnesses and went home with a sore leg. My shoes flew 30 metres no shit and I had a little graze on the leg that's all. Check the pictures!

    Stat write off, snapped both front forks, bent frame, snapped handle bar and did heaps of damage to the fairings. I cant believe I walked away and the worst part was there was nothing I could learn from it as It was entirely the other drivers fault..


    :shock: :shock:
  2. Thats so shit.....

    Glad your ok mate...

    So is he gonna get a replacement bike from insurance? Or another bike?
  3. That sucks m8, sorry to hear about it.

    Wtf is up with the 'I didn't see you' bullshit cagers always pull? Don't have they have f*king eyes?
  4. that sucks. Sorry to hear. Sorry to here about your mates 1 day old bike too.
  5. that is seriously messed up, good to see you got away from it with only a scratch.Its a bit of a sh*t about the new bike too... Hopefully you have an understanding friend and the cager has decent insurance.
  6. That SUCKS! Steven. Glad to hear you are ok though.
    Not having a go BUT Are you SURE there is nothing to learn from this?

    I see an important lesson here:


    You expected a cager to see You, and assumed he/she did.
    Is there something you could have done to make yourself more visible to the driver? Or could you have prepared for evasive action in the 'unlikely' event that a cager does the wrong thing?
    Mate, NEVER rely on a driver to do the right thing.
    We all make mistakes, I've made many INCLUDING this one.
    There is ALWAYS is a lesson to be learned in the hope that the same mistake is never made twice and we are free to ride another day.

    Stay Safe
  7. I really hope you're joking.
  8. i disagree, if it went as he said, there would be very little/nothing that could be done to avoid that car running over him. lucky he has just taken off from the light, as if he had been moving at more speed the outcome could have been more severe.
  9. How did your mate react? I hope having seeing his friend go through something like this won't dent his confidence.
  10. I realise I am new here to the forum, but not new to riding.
    While I certainly understand your perspective...
    I have to disagree...

    It is a completely shitty deal that when riding your bike, you have to ALWAYS assume the worst and be prepared for that. Even when just starting off from the line at a set of lights when you have full right of way as you're travelling with the green , going straight ahead. Assume the worst - be prepared.

    A good rider ALWAYS rides with the expectation of being able to learn something and do it better next time. To have any other attitude puts you and other road users at risk - even when you are completely doing everything correctly.

    Coming from the navy, let me give you an example...
    You may have right of way, the other boat SHOULD have given way to you, but if YOU failed to take the appropriate action necessary to avoid the collision, then YOU are deemed at fault. - I always ride with that in mind.

    And, constructively criticism only, if you shoes left you feet.... you weren't wearing the appropriate gear for riding - and therefore shouldn't have been on the bike in the first place.

    None the less - I am very pleased to hear that you seemed to escape any REAL injury and I am very sympathetic to the fact that you've come adrift and the fact that your friend now has no bike, too.

  11. Vinnie, Port

    I see your points, yes your right i could have tried EVEN harder to been seen but come on.. wearing bright red, yellow bike.. in the right hand land and not getting blocked by cagers...

    the witnesses reckon he just smoked pot or something by his reations to my questions and smell of him!

    I do know never to rely on the cager to be seen but honestly if I could have done something to been seen even further I would have.
  12. Fair call but im a commuter and ride every day of my life, boots are ver inpractical. Please no blah blah ur an idiot for not riding with boots. Id bet over half this forum does the same.
  13. Thats the thing... he paid $4.9k for the bike... getting back $6k and decides that it was a sign that he shouldnt ride!

    Oh well, at least I get a new helmet out of it.
  14. Fastkid, as long as you know I wasn't making my comment to be a smart arse know-it-all. I hate seeing the rider down threads as much as the next person.

    But you comment about it being entirely the other drivers fault and not taking anything from it really made me fear for you longevity on the road. I don't know all the facts about the incident, apart from the most important one - you made it out relatively okay. But please take as much from it as you can.
  15. Bad luck mate. Hate reading about accidents like this.

    And to all you people out there throwing sh1t at him.... come on, some douche bag in a car ran into him.... maybe he could of anticipated it better but think how many times you've gone through sets of lights without watching every single car in the intersection, sometimes its just not possible to avoid accidents like this.
  16. Then you better give up motorcycling right now as it is a message for you not to ride again if that's what you really believe.
  17. No one is hanging shit on him.
    His attitude is it was all the other dude's fault and thats it.
    Yes it was the other driver's fault but anticipation at an intersection is a bigger life saver.
    To say he could have learned nothing from it is a sure recipe for disaster.
    Itm aint hanging shit it's saving his life.
  18. There is only so much you can do to avoid a collision like that. Lets say he slowed down, covered his brakes, shifted down a few pegs, checked he had a spare lane clear, and then went through - would you still tell him he could have done more if the car has its wheels turned, accidentally drops the clutch and launches through the intersection?
  19. Damn! you must have been hit HARD....snap both forks and bent frame....
  20. Agreed. Some things just 'happen'. If the guy didn't see the light, he's not going to see you. You're the only person here who knows what really happened, so its not in our place to suggest you didn't do enough to avoid the collision.

    I'm glad you are ok. Its a pity about the bike, and I don't envy you having to explain to your mate what happened. But no one suffered any permanent damage and you got out pretty lightly, so I'd be happy about that.