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Still feeling nervous about hook turns.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Sweeris, May 23, 2007.

  1. After almost 2months of riding I havnt yet tried a hook turn and Im still feeling un easy about it. Everytime I go in to the CBD I avoid hook turns all together. Im kinda scared that some1 will hit me from behind.

    Anything I need to know b4 I got out in 30min also into the CBD and prob do a couple of hook turns.
  2. Yeah - relax! Never done one on a bike having only just got my learners and looking around for two wheels still, but they're not hard.

    Pull out from left lane next to the pedestrian crossing lines, and wait.

    I watch behind me and the lights. When the light you're facing turns amber, check behind you to make sure no idiot is trying to race through. If not, then slowly start and make sure that no idiot is trying to race through from the opposite direction!

    Once you're moving and you're already sure it's clear, go for it - if you can start moving a little bit early (ie at amber) it's all good as you then don't have traffic impatiently trying to go while you're trying to make the turn before straightening up and getting on the power.

    Good luck and take it easy; you'll be fine. Try and get in some turns behind other vehicles first so you can follow their lead, and no thave to worry so much.
  3. You are much more exposed doing these turns on a bike than a car. You do have to look everywhere and often.
  4. Go as close as you can to the pedestian crossing on the left, and almost complete your turn, your bike should be nearly perpendicular to the crossing, pedestrians crossing behind you. Be careful not to stick the front out too far as passing cars may clip your front tyre.

    Don't forget to watch out for trams running the light too.
  5. In a car i do them no probs, on a bike i HATE them.
    Do what i do, actualy turn left and then do a quick U turn and just go through the intersection normaly.

    Probably illegal but WTF who cares.
  6. I wouldn't recommend being nearly perpendicular to the crossing... If someone does end up coming behind you and you have to move your only option then is to move into the middle of the intersection!

    Best advice - just keep a very close eye on your mirrors and the light. Once you do a few you will find out they aren't all that bad. As a starter - you may want to practice by following a car through (find a carpull up behind a car doing a hook turn, and do one following it).
  7. Do not just rely on your mirrors, head check, head check and then head check again ...to be sure, to be sure, to be sure !
  8. When I go to Melbourne, I love the hook turns, that's once I realised you only do them when it is sign posted

    Thats car driving, though on a bike it would a bit more scary, but like Hopper said headcheck alot, and you should be okay
  9. Don't be in too much of a rush to complete the turn as this is when you are most at risk (bike or car). Wait for the lights to turn red, make sure all is clear then turn. You are at worst are only holding up the cars wanting to go straight through (in the direction you are turning), a few sections and by waiting a bit longer, less chance of being hit by a red runner. As long as you wait a bit, a hook turn is heaps safer than sitting in the middle of an intersection and doing a right hand turn on a green light.
  10. Is a hook turn the same as a U-Turn?
  11. be ready from amber. but i'm 95% sure you're not supposed to go until the light on the st you're turning into goes green.
  12. hook turns should be done when your light goes red. (its illegal before then)

    I have seen lots of people get pulled over by cops for going to early.
  13. Half right

    To do a hook turn a driver must:

    1. Approach and enter the intersection from, as near as practicable, to the far left side of the road.
    2. Move forward, keeping to the left of the intersection and clear of any marked foot crossing until the driver is as near as practicable to the far side of the road the driver is entering.
    3. Then wait until the traffic lights on the road they are entering into turn green before they make the turn

    A lot of people don't realise this and turn against the red thus breaking the law and putting themselves in danger from red light runners.

    Seriously do a couple of hook turns and you will wonder what all the fuss is about.

    I actually prefer to do them on my bike because you can get right over to the left hand side allowing plenty of room for cars going straight through the intersection.
  14. pooh always thought it was red... esp as soon as it turns green the cars going straight thru get impatient and start their horn.
  15. One Word..........Victorians
    ](*,) ](*,)
    Crazy mexicans :facepalm:
  16. Yeah but we get to park on the footpath :p
  17. a hook turn is basically you moving into the crossing lane, to make a turn, just park yourself infront of the first car. Be confident :D

    ps. i don't really understand why poeple are so scared of hook turns, it frees up the lanes :D, helps with congestions & it pretty simple to do, your just moving into the new lane.
  18. You really shouldn't have to worry about being rear ended while making a hook turn at 99% of the corners in melbourne. If you are doing it properly and pulling up nearly on top of the pedestrian crossing then you should be more than a cars off the lane where cars behind you are still moving through.

    Also most of the streets around there have on street parking, so this adds an even greater buffer between you and the traffic passing through.

    At that point, it is simply wait for the green in the directly you want to travel and complete your turn.

    As previously mentioned, these kinds of turns are far more safe that sitting out in the middle of the intersection on the right....particuarly with tram lines. You will be completely perpendicular to the tram line when you cross it, so no worrying about sliding and you don't have to worry about being collected by someone in the right lane trying to squeeze past you while you wait to turn.
  19. There is a purpose in this crazy southern custom. They are at intersections where two tram lines cross and it is to allow trams to pass through unimpeded by cars wanting too turn right.

    And also it is a Victorian plot to laugh at you northerners. :grin: