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Still a favorite

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by Sir Skuffy, Jul 29, 2005.

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  2. Yep getting a bit long in the tooth but very impressive in its day. Anyone here ever ridden one, if so waddya think?
  3. Yep... An absolute pig in the corners but sooo much fun as a cruiser in a straight line... Sound AMAZING. Just like riding a Harley actually.
  4. I loved the old adverts they used to do for the V-Max:
    "The meek shall inherit the earth...
    ---but for now, it's OURS!!" :p
    Summed it up perfectly.

    (So why couldn't they put THAT motor in the MT-1?
    147hp instead of the weedy 85hp from the twin?)
  5. Sound ? yeah i'll agree with yah there !
    Straight line rideing ..... awsome !

    But rideing a pig though down the road and through some corners would be so much easyer than dragging a V-MAX through em

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I recon a massey davidson handles corners better !!

    :LOL: :LOL: :p :LOL: :LOL:
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  7. In a word, size. The XV1700 motor is tall, but it's narrow and, thanks to the narrow vee angle and the reasonably compact gearbox, short. With the 80's-chunky V-Max motor in it, the MT-01 would've ended up longer and wider; it would've resulted in a completely different type of bike.

    What's more, stock, the MT-01 is in a very timid state of tune; if you wanted to, you could probably get it to make V-Max power without all that much bother.

    But, seeing how the MT-01 was developed to look tough and cost heaps of money without being scary to ride so as to be attractive to image-conscious (ok, fine, poseurs) moneyed middle-aged men, making it go as fast as it looks would result in a completely different bike.
  8. I saw a courier on an MT-01 the other day. :shock:
  9. I'm not a v-twin fan at all, but I must admit that I am sorely tempted by the MT-01 (not that I have the budget anyway)

    But then again, I like that new Harley sportsbike too (don't remember what it's called, I think the previous model was the V rod or something)

    I've read couple of reviews of it and, if you were in the market for a relaxed but powerful cruising type bike that could also scratch as well, it would be a good candidate.
  10. i think the points been missed here

    the mt-01 is designed for torque- and lots of it. Its also an experimentation in design- after unvailing the bike yamaha had such a great response to it, it was decided to be marketed.

    parallels can't really be drawn from the v-max........
  11. I've seen 2 of the MT01's in and around Melbourne now. I'm sure there's more but anyway...

    First one was chugging along the M1 freeway trying to hide the grin behind a dark tinted visor that he/she was riding a brand spanking new MT01.
    Second one was just cruising out along Elgin St heading east. Had a pillion on the back, and she looked like she was 'enjoying' the v-twin thump of her riders new steed. :D
  12. I've seen a couple now. One parked in Little Bourke St, the other courier-ing round with the traditional plastic milk crate strapped on the back!

    I guess it beats a CB250...

    Makes you wonder - what would be the Ultimate Courier Bike? My vote goes to KTM's new V-twin supermotard.
  13. It's a bit funny isn't it, the way we go on about bikes? All of us have reasons why we ride the bike/s we do, and we can go on in great detail about how our bikes suits our needs/wants.

    B U T, I BET if someone dropped a brand new MT01, V-Max, V-Rod, or whatever in our laps and said, "Here' it's your's." we'd suddenly find a whole lot of reasons why it suited us PEFECTLY!!!

    We probably have a list of bikes that we'd NEVER ride, but I bet that list is very small compared to the list of bikes we'd HAVE if someone gave them to us.!!

    Never going to happen, of course, but fun to think about.