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stig's 1st off...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by I am the Stig..., Jun 15, 2008.

  1. Riding in the adelaide hills, on my way up monyacute road, took a right hand corner a bit wide, then hit some gravel and ran out if road... :shock: rider error and /i'm kicking myself now :( . Anyway, hit the wet grass, lost the front end and highsided, landing on my left hand side. Next thing I can remember is waking up in a 5ft gully at the side of the road, feeling sore all down my left and with a very stiff back - scary moment indeed, but my logic was feeling pain = good outcome over what could have been. Managed to compose myself and scramble out of the gully before collapsing on the grass by the road, just as a rider comes round the corner.

    Matt (apologies if I got this wrong, but I think I'm still in shock) had been out riding from Clare all day and what a bloke. He made sure I was ok, checked over my bike and generally calmed me down. He escorted me home, riding wingman the way home. He came in, explained to the missus what happened, then got on his way despite my offers of a cuppa tea or some sangers. Ledgend, I hope I can return the favour some time, although I wouldn't want to, if you get my drift.

    Went to the doctors, got x-rayed and thus far the damage is such:
    broken collarbone
    soft tissue bruising to spine/back, legs, arm and backside!
    Bike has cracked fairings and some other damage - but is rideable.

    I'm just thanking my lucky stars for people like Matt, that I had all my protective gear on (including back protector - if you dont have one, get one, it saved my bacon imho - & aldi thermals!!), that I spent the money on a decent helmet (my Rossi Ti-Tech has one heck of a ding in it) to save my head and that my bike didn't follow me into the ditch... :shock: I also learnt it is possible to ride with a break. I don't reccomend it.

    I am walking, alive and tomorrow's another day. Bit of time off 1st though...

    Thanks again "Matt from clare". Star.
  2. Good to hear you're okay mate. Happens to the best of us!

    Also nice the camraderie between bikers is still going. Hope you mend up nice and quick.
  3. Get a lotto ticket dude!!

    Commiserations on the off. Hope you and the bike heal up quickly.

    +1 on the ATGATT.
  4. Sorry to hear.. hope you heal up soon mate!
  5. Rest up the collarbone, mate. Sounds like a combination of good planning AND good luck made this a better than likely outcome! Well done. Other riders should take note of each aspect of the post!
  6. Sorry to hear about the off.

    I was 50/50 on getting a back protector, however, I think I might go and buy one this week. :!:
  7. The Stig doesn't crash! You'll have to change your name now. :twisted:

    Riding with a broken collar bone. That is impressive, or you were in shock, and/or it wasn't a bad break.

    Heal well.
  8. Looks like you came out pretty well, all things considered. Falling into a 5ft ditch could've been bad for the ol' spinal cord :shock: Did you tell the doctor about your head knock? If so, did they check you for concussion?
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    JXjjpQwHDI4[/media]]WRONG!!!! :p :p :p :LOL: :LOL:

    Mr Stig sorry to hear about your crash, hope your collarbone heals quickly,

    hope those ALDI® thermals kept you warm while you were in shock :wink: :wink:
  10. What he said.

    Mate, you're one tough cookie!

    I broke my collar bone on a fall years back, tool in a cage pulled out of roadside parking as I was passing by, came off on the glancing blow & instinctively put out my right hand as face about to be introduced to tarmac. Had to be ambulanced to hospital from the broken clavicle, it was f@rking painful!
  11. crashing is a bad habit. leave it for the stuntmen.
  12. Sounds like you made it through alrite considering.

    Glad your ok.

    And what are these aldi thermals? Been looking for something lately cause its freezing!
  13. You and me both!!!!

    I'm keen for some thermals!!!

    Do all aldi's sell them?
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    Aldi had one of their once off sales of thermals recently. They wont have any now, except maybe leftovers.

    The Stig didn't crash, the car crashed while he was in it! :!: :!: :p :p :twisted: They fixed the car by putting a wing on it, and The Stig got it right next time. :grin:

    Besides, The Stig is a concept. An idea. An annonymous hero of all car enthusiasts. Our Stig here has a lot to live up to. :cool:
  15. but when is he going to ride a bike of an Aircraft carrier????

    Good to hear your not to beaten up.

    Hope you are fixed up quick, and the bike is aswell.
  16. Glad to hear you are still here to ride another day mate.
    Riding with a broken collarbone :shock: WOW!
    Three Cheers for Matt \:D/
  17. Glad ur alright mate, if u want to go off road, buy urself a dirt bike! :LOL:

    Tex & Bundy
  18. Thanks all for the good wishes all - off to see the orthopaedic surgeon this morning to find out if I need any surgery.

    Really stiff this morning, and the back protector must have taken a lot of the brunt from the fall as that's the worst bit (amazing whast you use you lower back muscles for!). Best $40 I've ever spent - and only got it last week too! Ebay gets me again - and am glad it did! No head damage - the ti-tech was awesome too, but is a write-off, so it did it $700 job.

    Big slice of luck landing where I did, my main demon is the thought that the bike could have followed me into the ditch... not a nice thought to struggle with during the night!!

    The Aldi Thermals are awesome & toasty and came out unscathed too!! Thanks again for those - but for the unaware, I think a look at the thread about them will give them a warning about the old dears who fight tooth and nail for the bargains!

    3 cheers for matt indeed - he's a ledgend and I owe him one very big beer! :grin:
  19. I thought the stig crashed that rocket car the other year.... or was that hamster hammond? Must be the same bloke...

    Just a quick update on my recovery.

    Docs called back this morning - spine has a disc (think 5th one) that is compressed which the GP missed on Sunday... I'm not in pain/can move about though, so it's got them a bit puzzled! Might have been from a cage incident in pommyland, thanks to NHS am not sure eitherway...

    Collarbone should heal natrually apparently :grin: - I'll go back and get it checked out again next week. Work are being VERY understanding thankfully.

    Lessons I've learnt (the hard way):

    1. Pay full attention/concentrate at all times. My accident might have been avoided with better cornering/reactions/emergency planning... and by a bit more healthy caution (I'd got my knee down for the 1st time the day before so might have had a bit of extra speed than normal - the 2nd experience the next day wasn't as good....)

    2.ATGATT - by this, I also mean everything. If I hadn't had the back protector on, my injuries there might have been a lot lot worse - both for flexion and impact. Also helped protect the kidneys fairly well. Full face helmet kept my good looks too - both of these pieces of kit will be championed to my friends who ride cruisers! Leather suit, gloves and race boots - I have no abrasions whatsoever anywhere, so they did their job really well.

    3. Comms - always ride with a phone and always tell someone when you'll be home etc. If I'd been stuck in the ditch, I could still be there now... (no mobile reception in the valley) especially if the bike had followed me in. Not a nice thought, but it's something that could have been... :cry:

    4. Make sure you're insured for work cover - my work are being great, but if I'm off for the predicted six weeks (before I'm fully operational again), then my private work cover insurance might have to kick in. The bills don't stop... :( Luckily for me, it's cover I've got. It's worth thinking about...

    5. If you don't have one yet, buy a back protector. I can walk after a fairly big fall, drag and drop into a 5ft gully. There are many reasons for that, but I reckon the protector is the main one.

    Now got to figure out how to get the bike to the shop for repairs with a broken collar bone...

    Ride safely everyone!

  20. Eek... glad you're not too bad after all that. And yeah, not sure that I'd manage riding with a break!