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sticky throttle, choke

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by dar_sbb, Aug 27, 2007.

  1. i got 2 issues, i think they are related.

    when the bike is cold, my choke has to be set at max, otherwise the revs just drop and it stalls. i cant start it without putting on the choke and the idle has to be set at 2g otherwise it will stall. i have to actually ride teh bike for 5mins to get it to idle normal... and then it still stalls sometimes. Now of the last couple of days, the revs dont drop while riding, for example if i clutch in from 60km/h the revs drop to 4000rpm and stay there for like 3secs... and then drop to idle... its like i still got the throttle open.

    i know when running or idling it is smelly, as in petrol.

    i dont know if the carby is gone or anything but can a carby kit be bought or new jets?
    anything thing else i can look at?

    while riding the bike is fine.
    i get 215kms before it trys to stall and i have to change to reserves

  2. sound like time for a carbie clean and balance.

    for a quick fix try making the idle mixture richer by screwing out the mixture screws a bit, but it sounds like a bit more than that.
  3. i have been adjusting, but yeah i think it is time for a rebuild. Where are parts like this bought? can they only be bought from motorcycle shops?
  4. What have you been adjusting?
  5. the idle screw so it holds the revs at 2k
  6. OK, this isn't your idle mixture screw. In adjusting this alone you are masking the problem and possible making it worse.

    the mixture screws are located on each of the 4 carbies, usually on the underside, towards the engine.

    Try winding each out exactly the same amount in 1/4 turn steps.
  7. oh ok, then what am i turning?
  8. It's just your idle speed. I think most of these 250/4s idle around 2000 rpm anyway.