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Sticking to the limit.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Hicksey11, Apr 25, 2009.

  1. How many people here stick to the speed limit when riding in and out of town.

    The thing that got me thinking of this is, just a while ago my mum and I went down to woolies and were overtaken by a Gixxer 1000. I know who the rider is and he is awesome. As the bike went round I wound down my window and then tried to catch up. Dumb idea I know.
    My mum said do motorcyclists have a different set of rules or something cause they alwats seem to overtake everyone and I said its because you drive to damn slow. Ha Ha :LOL: :LOL:

    When in town I try to stick to the limit, but when out of town I usually go 100 even though I'm only supposed to go 80. I do slow down when other cars are coming though, in case its the cops.

    So what do you do?


  2. i WOT every gear through town and have never been caught :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    i wish
  3. Well, assuming your mother travels at the speed limit... She'll only ever see the motorcycles that speed (or ride below the speed limit), because the ones who do the same speed as her will never catch up to her.

    There're so few bikes on the road that the chances of driving around with a bike matching speed with you are pretty minimal. Small enough to ignore any bike that doesn't draw attention to itself by speeding.

    Therefore, "all" motorcycles speed. ;)
  4. I guess riders looking to position themselves better on the road in relation to cars/hazards would appear to exceed the speed limit more often than not?
  5. Tricky

    is this a country town with a main rd through it or the city ~Syd or Bris etc
  6. i constantly reposition myself in front of the next car in front of me.

    is that speeding? dont ask, dont tell :LOL:
  7. I'm talking about country riding, but I suppose city riding would be similar in some respects though.
  8. if its a small country town with a really wide main road (good visibilty) with little traffic , will slow a little...

    Major city has too many unknown factors for my liking, agro drivers, crazy pedestrians, sneaky cameras, stressed out mums, road works etc etc,
    Survival mode - no speed unless to save situation
  9. I may appear like I'm speeding, I accelerate briskly when overtaking a car and then slow down once I'm a safe distance away.

    Well I guess that is speeding. If only for a short burst.
  10. I tend to sit 5-10 over the limit on the highways and others have been saying if im coming side by side with a car i would prefer to get a bit in front of them then just behind.
  11. My speed various alot, each to their own and each needs to decide whether they want to obey the rules or not.
  12. I must say mine does tend to differ depending on what situation I'm in. Today I was following a Cager in a Tarago from the ACT. Now I don't have a problem with people from the ACT but he was a really shit driver. He varied speed between 80 and 120km/h and he was all over the road like a mad women's breakfast.I got the shits with his driving, so I knocked the ol' ZZR down a gear and gave it a boot full, got up to about 130 and flew past him. Got a safe distance away from him, then he caught back up and followed me all the way into town. He was like right behind me couldn't be more than 5 meters.
  13. the method i use is to never drive faster than i'd want the police to catch me at.

    30km's over the speedlimit = insta-license loss.
  14. No, thats about standard for ACT plated cages.

    Had one overtake me going up the Clyde. It was wet, the road had a lot of suds on it and the overtaking lane was almost finished. It was slow due to traffic and I had just checked my mirrors, all clear. Prick kept on speeding up when overtaking lanes appeared and varied from 95-115 approx. Then we caught up to traffic and stuck behind another ACT driver with a trailer in tow. Baah, enough of this mini rant.

    Back to original question, I'll sit on the limit until I'm being passed like I'm standing still and then I will add another 5-10, which probably puts me on the real limit, not what my bikes speedo thinks it is.
  15. I usually stick around 5 or so k's over the limit (80k zones and above, both in the car and on the bike), just tends to keep a nice progression through traffic (assuming there's an overtaking lane) and keeps the mind more aware of the general situation around me and not only the car immediately infront.

    If overtaking on shared roads (no dedicated overtaking lane) the gloves are off and it's WOT. The less time you spend on the other wise of the road, the safer it is. Just don't continue that speed once the overtake is completed.
  16. I sit on the speed limit in town (except when moving through another's blind space), and when I have vehicles behind me, and do about 20km under the limit when alone out in the country...
  17. Normally I'll sit about 5-10 over the limit but if I'm wanting to get somewhere, i make sure I stay under 25km over so as I don't lose my license if i get snapped.....

    Unfortunately exactly this happened on my way home from work at 6:30am and 3 points suddenly disappeared from my license, leaving only 1 to play with :(

    Since then it's been smack bang on the limit everywhere :|
  18. I don't look at the speedo enough to know if i speed or not.

    In town i tend to position myself where i can be seen and not hit then maintain what i feel is a safe pace and out in the hills i do the same.

    I will admit that i quite possibly exceed the limit when cornering because i love having cars sticking close to my tail then slamming on the brakes when they realise they've gone too hot in the corner... hehe then check the rearview on the straight and wait for the hero fly by :LOL:

    God i love motorcycling! :grin:
  19. Its hard not to speed sometimes, but i have to admit that it does happen... I will stick to the limit in high traffic areas and when out of town have been known to "open it up" a bit, but where the risk is lower and the only person that i can hurt is myself
  20. I speed all the time, its more fun.

    And its never killed me... Surprise Surprise.