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Sticking my nose in

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by HASSA, Dec 13, 2008.

  1. G'day

    another geriatric here, finally back on the right side of the Rabbit proof fence and fishing around to see what's on and who's doing it.

    Current ride:

    1985 Suzuki GSX1100EFF, old skool weapon of mass destruction, can be used to clear scrub but will go where it's pointed if you take charge of it. Avon 120/80-16 front and 130/80-18 roadrider rubber and HID headlight insert are only current mods, Hagon rear shock to come to firm things up at the back.

    my partner, soon to be wife has a 1983 BMW R65 which may give some an idea what sort of a time warp we are stuck in.


    Help a large Aussie company turn big rocks into little rocks for steel making, so we live a little bit removed from suburbia.

    Have been riding legally since 1976 and surprisingly not spent one day without a licence and never had a major get-off or prang, started with a 400-4 honda and had over 30 various machines (all 1970-1990 vintage) to play with in that time.

    that's the intro, hope to get a bit out of this forum and also contribute something useful when i can


  2. Old, slow and intact, welcome to the best forum going!

    Some great machinery you've got/had there. 16" front wheels are a beggar when it comes to buying tyres, aren't they?
  3. lucky that Avon makes them in the roadrider, not expecting great mileage but they make an inherently twitchy bike incredibly stable and stick like chewy.

    The other options were Cheng shin Barracuda (great wet weather tyres but peel off in front of your eyes on a hot day) and Metzeler Lasertec, which are a great hoop in their own right but are more suited to lighter bikes.

    this beastie is my second EF1100 suzi, first was a red and white EFE, took me a decade of looking to find the one I have now. For the present it is only High days and holiday riding, so the k's wont rack up too quickly even with the nearest winding roads being over a hundred km away.

    looking forward to a bit of fun and a few giggles, we are old enough to help the kids out but too egalitarian to join Ulysses or an established touring club.

    We are contactable through this forum to provide advice and assistance to people visiting or passing through Eyre peninsula if required.
  4. Indeed, I use a Bridgestone BT-014 on my front, but they may not make it in your (bigger) bike's size. I get reasonably good mileage out of it for an all round tyre.

    I'm in a similar boat to you; I could have joined Ulysses a long time ago, and many of my friends are in it, but I find this forum's wider age-group and dynamics are much more fun.
  5. Welcome Hassa :)

    Same vintage as you BUT, took me more than 20 YEARS to get my L's :p

    Looking fwd to your years of experience coming thru in various posts :grin:
  6. welcome hassa
    I am a little younger but my bike is of similar vintage, also with a 16"front tyre
  7. Hi and welcome, Hassa.

    Interesting comments about Ulysses. I always intended to join but somehow never got around to it. Not sure that I qualify though, My bike has serious graze marks and doesn't sparkle enough.

    Think you are still only a junior geriatric, although you qualify irrespective of age if you wear incontinence pads.
  8. thanx guys,

    GBM, if ya haven't got a Hagon under ya bum on the RT (once had a 92 model) it is the best thing you can do for it.

    Wiz, if your engine carks it and you need a replacement, the 92-98 CBSevenFifty donk slots right in, but you have to remove the torque limiter off the clutch, Honda put it on backwards for some reason.

    I liked the CBX but went for the grunt and extra size of a CB900F2 when the time came.

    as for experience, I'm crappin' myself at the moment cos my daughter is about to do her 'L's and start asking me how to go about it, I had to send my partner to an instructor because all the things she really needed to know were second nature to me and I hadn't had to think about them for decades and could not communicate them properly.

    I'm OK on mechanical and tech stuff (too tight to pay someone else to do it) and may be helpful to anyone doing cafe/restoration stuff to 70's and 80's units.
  9. Hi and welcome the forum Hassa.

    Old, slow and intact....... :LOL: Like it!

    I'm with you on the Ulysses thing. Not for me just yet.

    Hagon are OK? My pommie mates use Hagon on their Divvies and swear by them. Interested on your opinion / experience with Hagon.

  10. I've had Hagon shocks on a CB750 supersport, CB900F2, GSX750E, GS750 and the BMW R100RT.

    The simple twin shocks were a no brainer, just set and forget, soaked up all but the most vicious bumps and were a vast improvement on anything stock back then.

    It got fun with the Mono shock on the Beemer, spring preload and rebound to muck around with, once it was set to where I was happy the thing would tootle over any road surface at respectable pace without trying to waltz all over the road or shove the seat up my bum. Chucking the girl and luggage on was just a matter of wind up the spring and away we'd go .

    The one I'm getting for the suzuki has only spring preload adjustment (remote hydraulic for $350 extra) with set damping and rebound which should more than adequately manage my riding style and usage (mostly touring and the occasional 200 or 400 metre sprint)

  11. Just got back from a ride on a typical NSW rural road. Can relate to that! :shock:

    Thanks for the info. Prob PM you when I've had time to digest what you said, especially about the remote adjustment.

  12. this was what it used to be like


    dunno where any of those blokes are now
  13. Which one is you Hassa? Young fella smiling with yellow T-shirt? :grin:
  14. Or the hard arse on the left? :LOL:

    Me thinks you'll fit right in here, welcome Hassa
  15. I'm the short bugger on the P3 kwaka with Gpz bikini fairing, the hard man is "Robbo" from the late 80's "Hi, Robbo" Navy recruiting ad series, last heard of training motorcyclists in Vic-mexico somewhere. The others are ... from the back, Flash (R65), Tug (CB1100F), Chuck (CX500) and Weasel (GSX650 kat)

    all of us were sailors, so there is a distinct absence of hair, considering it was January 1987.
  16. chi che va piano, va sano, chi che va sano, va lontano...
  17. mate,

    just translated that, good thing to remember as you get out and about, it would make a good sig
  18. Ok Hassa, don't keep the rest of us in the dark then ... :-k
  19. He who goes easy, is sane. He who is sane, goes far.

    Sounds better in Italian, but the moral of it is take it easy and you will go far :)
  20. Just got back from a day out, left home this morning at 9AM and dawdled around the southern Flinders Ranges. Not going anywhere in particular but just having a fat time, total distance 540km of which 150km was straight and boring, worst part was actually having to point the old beast towards home (this bike is a bloke, I called it Hagen after a mental bastard from old german legends)