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Sticking clutch er6n

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by smileedude, Sep 19, 2013.

  1. I have been waiting for a new clutch cable for 3 weeks now. Apparently coming next few days. But the current 1 is very stretched and in its longest setting. But on the way home tonight it popped out and I pulled the clutch in obviously further than its been for some time and it got stuck in. The spring on the bottom of the cable was not returning. Stuck in the right lane of the m4 with no power. Is it ok to spray the shit out of this with wd40 or is there something better to use. The only other lubes I have at hand are chain lube and engine oil.

  2. is it just the cable that is stuck, don't quite follow, if the cable is stretched then you would have trouble pulling the cable enough to disengage the clutch, anyhow sorry notup with your particulare bike but unless it has a dry cutch there is no issue spraying wd40 on the cable, I would be using a cable luber. just re reading it's the clutch lever not returning, yes? you may be able to temporaraly shim the cable casing at the lever with washers or a small piece of metal tube, effetivly making the casing longer to match the cable.
  3. So where the cable connects to the gear box there is a L shaped spring thing. When the clutch is working this moves freely and if I understand is what returns the clutch to its normal position. If I understand the problem correctly, because the cable is so stretched it hasn't been pulling this piece into its maximum position corredponding with a full closed clutch. When the clutch sheath popped out of the pocket last night the sheath sat on the rim of the pocket allowing the clutch to reach maximum in. Because it hasn't been used it got stuck here and the spring wouldn't return the clutch lever. It happened again when I got home so I'd like to make sure the sticky doesn't happen again as it is pretty dangerous.

    I may try to shim it today. It's all a bit sketchy.
  4. Any quick advice from any one who has slightly more know how than me (all of you) would be good. Have to leave in 20mins.
  5. uploadfromtaptalk1379628524339. shim installed. Hopefully I survive.
  6. if its the same as mine, that big one will come out a little bit too

    referring to the pic, the bigger adjuster.
  7. looks good, good luck, you might need another if it is still playing up
  8. You mean head of the bolt? Nah its 1 piece.

    Seemed to adjust it well. Probably too much. Wasn't at all used to the friction point.
  9. i mean the one that goes into the lever assy.
    there is the lever assy, a bolt(ish thing) screwed into that, and the adjuster screwed into that.

    but that shim looks like it has given you an extra 8mm or so adjustment
  10. How did it go did it hold?, you might need a couple more washers