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Stickers on bikes

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by halifax, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. looking for opinion to see if im the only person that doesnt like this...

    i saw a fzr 250 today with stickers - "R2" on them. Likewise I see cbr250rrrrrr's with "fireblade" stickers all the time.

    Does anyone else think it is stupid putting these stickers on

  2. I had a friend who rode an old vespa px125 with a 4x4 sticker on it.
  3. CBR250RR came with fireblade stickers - hence 'baby blade' - the 250R had no blade sticker...
  4. I saw a little 50cc scooter with "The Stig" stickers on it a few weeks back.
  5. I thought V8 was a juice.
  6. I recall a Rd350 that had Rd250 side covers....
  7. My old man pulled all the WRX badges off his car and changed them to RX stickers.

    Methinks all stickers on bikes look pox. "Öhlins", "Akrapovic" badges on exhausts... doesn't do it for me.
  8. thats okay - i dont mind them if well done and not over the top

    i actually need some made soon like my avatar
  9. I've always been big on stickers on bikes. Stickers are put there to cover up the scratches and crash damage.

    Lots of stickers means lot of scratches means you've been pushing the bike to its limits rather than pussyfooting around on it.

    My main ride has something like 30 stickers on it.

    ....... and a whole lot of duct tape holding the panels on.. :D
  10. i think that if the stickers are there as a sign of a sense of humour (eg R1 sticker on a vespa) then i appreciate them.

    i seen a few scooters with stickers from MotoGP type bikes on them, and one of them had 'Go Yamaha Go' on his helmet!

    stuff like that putsa smile on my face every time. clearly its his 'daily rider', and he has a full blooded balls out beast back in his garage....
  11. Live and let live I say.
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  13. Not a big fan of stickers. Unfortunately the British flag on my bike is embossed into the bodywork.

    I thought some zxr250s had R2 stickers to start with?

    and yeah the Chevy thing always amuses me too. Chevys sold under the Chevy badge are either SUVs or cheap, cheap cars. Sure they market the odd muscle car under the Chevy badge, but mostly their non-crap cars are sold under different badges.

    So Holden drivers putting Chevy stickers on there Holdens, is highlighting that Holden is really just another crappy Chevy product.
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  15. I wouldnt put stickers on my bike unless it was to cover up damage.
    Brand names/logos are just advertising for the companies for free....
  16. I read it as a signal that "This driver will do absolutely anything, up to and including vehicular manslaughter, to avoid being overtaken by a fat old git on a scruffy trailie". :grin:
  17. Choice of the owner their bike their choice. I have a couple of bullet holes on my MV Agusta just for a laugh kids like it.

  18. I belong to the

    Fat Old Gits on Scruffy Trailies Mutual Admiration Society. (FOGOSTMAS Inc.SA)

    What have you got against us?