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Stickers/decals in Melb?

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Gilesy, Jun 11, 2012.

  1. Anyone know anyone/ or have had somone make up stickers or decals for their bike?

    Need a few made up for my race bike, but dont need a run of 100 made.

    Any thoughts would be great and someone local to Melbourne CBD.

    Thanks in advance

  2. try a sighn shop or digital print shop
  3. Thanks all

    gregb, is that where Sammy got your ones done?? Look good!!!!
  4. i got them done at ferntreegully print $50 for 5 stickers acouple free over runs there water proof but not solvent proof you can put some on your bike iff you want
  5. Ill wack some on!!! Catch me next time at the track, this weekend??
  6. Hi,

    I have custom image made in photoshop and want to print it so that it can attached to the bikes' plastics solidly (adhesive vinyl I suppose).

    What are my options around Melbourne?
    Will need about 20 or so printed.

  7. Depends on size. Theres a place in The Glen that does them I think. Near the reject shop.
  8. Looks like they do the design and paint. Can't see if they can just convert image to adhesive vinyl.
  9. Size would be somewhere between 5-20cm.
    Can you give more info about the place?
  10. Cannot remember its name, I've just noticed it a few times. It's one of those shops in the middle of the walk way, does custom tshirts as well. Happy to show you where it is. Just PM me.
  11. They have just done a small job for me where they just printed an image on vinyl and applied it.
  12. Raceart Australia will sort you out, he does a lot of graphics and printing for the m/c industry. They're in Brisbane, but you can sort it all online and they're bloody quick too.
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    Thanks @ozmotorcycleleathers.

    I went with raceartsaus. Alan was great and easy to deal with.
    He gave me about 6 design options accommodating my feedback.
    We were done in half a day and the image went for printing the same day.

    Can't be more happy. Highly recommend them.
    That's what I call customer service!
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  14. Saw a bike with the sticker but didn't get any info that was useful from the other rider. Anyone know where I can get these?
  15. Hello All,

    Need to Transfer a Picture I have to a motorcycle tank
    how many options are there ?
    and How expensive.

    Picture would be about the size of a CD and the same on the Tank...
    Sticker ? Air Brush , what are my options... anyone you could recommend around Brisbane

  16. Hydrographics is good for three dimensional surfaces also called Water Transfer printing. There are commercial services around that do it but also Do it yourself kits such as below.