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stickers/decals adding & removing

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Jane Deaux, Aug 28, 2016.

  1. #1 Jane Deaux, Aug 28, 2016
    Last edited: Aug 28, 2016
    Hey, guys

    So I have a couple of stickers on my fuel tank which has a matt finish. Was wondering what I can use to safely remove the stickers without damaging the paint.

    Also does anyone here have stickers/decals they have added to their bike? I saw a dude riding round with a grumpy cat on his tank and I would love to add something like that to mine. Where can you get good stickers/decals for your bike?

    I recently bought a decal for my macbook from here Macbook Decal Stickers | The Decal Guru they do decals for cars as well, but they're much too big to put on a bike. Could you put one of the macbook decals on your bike, I wonder? Not sure if the adhesives vary based on what the decal is intended for? *shrugs*

    Please and thank you :)
  2. I find eucalyptus oil to be good for removing sticker glue. Sometimes you don't need to use anything, just get the corner up and peel gently and the whole thing comes off pretty cleanly. Be patient though, sometimes the adhesive it pretty strong.
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  3. I've had reasonable luck with kerosene and it's been okay for my paint, but I make sure to wash it off quickly...
  4. I've tried to gently peel it, the stickers are on there good. No way I'd get them off clean. Will give the eucalyptus oil a shot. Cheers.
  5. Is it a sticker that can be removed with a heat gun?
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  6. Warm them up first with a heat gun or hair dryer, pick and peel them off using finger nails - less risk of scratching paint. Eucalyptus is great for breaking down sticky residue but rub as much off as you can with them dry.

    I'd recommend using alcohol or windex to clean the surface before applying new decals. Heating up surfaces and the decals before applying them makes them stick better too.
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  7. There's an awesome citrus product called "De-solve it" which works really well to loosen entire sticker and peels off in large bits (after a bit of time to sink in). From Bunnings at about $10 for 500ml spray.
    Works real well to remove rim stickers.

    Disclaimer: have no idea what this will do to Matt paint though, so would apply to a small unseen area to test first.
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  8. iv'e been using "goo off" this stuff is awesome.
    "i got mine from Mitre10"

    great for getting grease off too, but sticker goo is no match for it also :)
    also hasn't affected my paint either.
    as mentioned use a heat gun to heat up the sticker a little before removing it too, then just clean up with goo off.

    then i use alcohol to clean up the area before putting the new stickers on...

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  9. Would you want to use a heat gun on a fuel tank??
  10. it's pretty safe, afterall you're not heating it to boiling point, just trying to soften the adhesive - a hairdryer would work also. tankgrips recommend heating the area prior to application to help the glue bond and I've not heard of anyone exploding while fitting them so guess it's safe.
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  11. WD-40 or CRC-556 or eucalyptus oil.
    Put in on generously around the sticker, perhaps overlay with kitchen paper towel or tissues if its running away quickly.
    Allow to soak for a while, 10 mins or so, peel off sticker and clean up residue with more of the above liquids.
    Then clean up surface with Nifty or Spray'n'Wipe or similar to remove oily residue.
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  12. I use that cheap degreaser you can get from supercheap auto spray a small amount on and then soak a small rag with it and drape it over and let sit the stickers slide off
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  13. For a wide range of decals and stickers, try Stickerart. Qld mob.
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