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Sticker kit for CBR250RR

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by MattyB, Jan 30, 2007.

  1. Hey, I'm guessing I'll have better luck selling my bike if it's all prettied up properly.

    Does anyone have an Idea where I could get a sticker kit made up and put on?

    Sumoto wanted something stupid like $400 each side.

    Where would I get it done?
    Could I take my mates bike to a shop and get them to copy the stickers?

    Anyone been down this road before?

  2. hi matty... we have a range of decals,designs our number is 93105333
  3. matty where do you go when you want something you cant find? ebay pretty sure they hace sticker kits for the rr on there
  4. Speak to fireblade matt. Speak to him. Trust me
  5. Have you tried the guys at Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings?
    Im pretty sure they do full decal kits etc...
    You can contact them on: (03) 9399-3344...
  6. as sure as you are, they don't, i've looked.

    Cheers to the other replies, shall suss it all out if this currently interested person doesn't buy
  7. They are $350 just for the stickers of $400 applied

    My recommendation is give ylwgtr a call on 93105333 coz he can do the full sticker kit for considerably less than what Melbourne Motorcycle Fairings will do it for!!
  8. yep DOIT is his nick i think