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Sticker/Decal removal

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by un1t, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Hi all,

    Just wondering if anyone has any experience removing stickers and decals from fairings...?

    If so any chance you could post your experience and what you used ....?
  2. Use a hairdrier to heat the stickers, then slowly peal them off, apply more heat as required.

    Apply a dab of Eucalyptus oil on a soft rag to remove any sticky residue.

    Easy Peasy
  3. Would that work on the silly sticker reminding me to wear gear on the tank?
  4. Yes, yes and yes.
    Most will come off with a little heat. Be very careful with hair dryers. It does not need much heat.
    The manufacture stickers on the tank are applied before the clear coat...most times. So they are a bit trickier. 3M 1800 wet and dry is the only way to get to them.
    Bout to change my Wanda ones on my Viffers tank Will do a picurette thingy to show how without wrecking the tank paint. Crappy yellow suckers.
  5. used the hairdrier method with orange oil on the sv to get the official warnings off tank. Took a while but did the job. Sc****d with plastic paint sc****rwhile applying heat.
  6. Just took mine off and they were pretty easy, use a bit of eucalyptus oil and the residue comes off very easily - and smells way better than kero/wd40
  7. . But be careful of the color fade...
    I ride a red bike,, I took the stickers off & guess what ????
    There is a mark left... can easliy tell there were stickers on ...
    so yeah . be careful what u do .. but i rekon spray it with WD 40 & then hair dryer it..
    Sud come off easily & wipe the glue with petrol..

    good luck,,
  8. Angle grinder works a treat!!
  9. Did this to my old vtr250..
    Didn't go as planned!

    Heated up stickers with heat gun
    Used stanley blade to remove stickers, worked well..
    However they were all cleared over... FAIL!

    That was ok though, got a panelbeater mate to paint her up for $150..!
  10. Can I hijack this thread a bit and extend it to visors. I have a Shark Visor that some rocket scientist has fixed an adhesive sticker (not safety or standards sticker) to the visor. Don't want to use anything that would affect the visor strength or clarity. Dot keen on the hair dryer method as that will not go well with clear acrylics.

    Cheers Spocky
  11. Hair dryer method is fine, just be careful not to overheat the visor.
    Be gentle & keep the visor on the helmet too!
    'Sticker off', available from most supermarkets or Bunnings will get the rest of the gum off.
    (usually any one of those orange based gum solvents will do)
  12. Spocky,

    Give the guy a break. He's been building space shuttle booster rockets for years. Applying an adhesive sticker isn't what he is used to.

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