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Sticker/ decal on bike

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Christinek, May 29, 2015.

  1. hey
    what's the deal with putting stickers on your bike - do you need to be aware of what sorta sticky stuff is used - could it ruin the paintwork? can they be removed later without damage to the bike? any other tips?? should I steer clear of cheap stuff from china on ebay?

  2. I don't think it matters. The stickers are going to look shit regardless. You're going to look like a wannabe track day star. Unless you actually are a proper track rider and these are sponsors
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  3. MyoManMyoMan ! :eek:

    ChristinekChristinek I don't know about how it's going to affect the duco but I've read some threads that suggest sticker bombing the ride is frowned upon for some reason. Personally, I think if you want to personalise your ride, who cares? Skull and crossbones? :woot:
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  4. True.
    This is just an opinion of a rider that hates seeing a bikes beauty being bastardised. But go for it :)
  5. In a moment of exhuberance, I whacked my Black Dog ride sticker on my fairing...regrets na mostly because it tones very nicely with the Kwaka green.
    Your bike your choice :)
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  6. You can generally remove them with a hair-dryer no fuss. They are not permanent
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  7. #7 MyoMan, May 30, 2015
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    Every bloke should have a hair dryer :)

    Tbh I don't mind stickers/decals on bikes. It's cars I hate them. Especially those stupid Transformer stickers or the family ones
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  8. MyoManMyoMan I'm with you -dislike those my family (and all the variants) with a passion - however, I wish I had been the one to 'invent' them - would be rich now :p

    As for stickers/decals on bikes - not for me but to each their own :happy:
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  9. The ones that are hard to get off are the ones the manufacturers put on.... like the orange helmet warning sticker. I found the edge of a credit card and WD-40 work wonders.
  10. I hate the family ones also until I saw this on a 4WD Screenshot_2015-05-30-10-41-25-1.
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  11. stickers to hide cracks in the fairings?
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    Or hold them together?

    My favourite. image.
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  13. Thanks guys
    I wanna stick astroboy on my bike, shouldn't get confused for a track star wannabe I hope :p
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  14. I like the family stickers, I get a laugh thinking "oh you have a family, wtf makes you think I care but cheers for the heads up i'll be even more wary of you than the others"

    As for you own stickerings don't worry about the chinese stuff, it probably uses lower quality glue so if they do stick ok it'll be all good from there.
  15. GoldenberriGoldenberri I had to google sticker bombing :oldman: defo not the look I'm going for haha!
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  16. Nice. I love astroboy
  17. MyoManMyoMan I have a lego astroboy tattoo too :D :love:
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  18. PICS!!! We demand pics, show the awesome tat!
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  19. I'm only sharing because it really is an awesome tattoo (in my opinion anyway - and lucky I think so seeing as it's stuck on me)
    he's about 20cm long

    astroboy tatt.JPG
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  20. I would frown upon anyone frowning upon my decisions regarding my own bike.

    Sticker bombing other peoples bikes, is a 'no-no' I can understand.

    When it comes to my property: People can think what they like and I'll do whatever takes my fancy. Skull and crossbones sound like the new black.