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****-stick on the Old Pacific Hwy

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by toadcat, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. To the guy in the brown jacket on the black sports-bike riding today on the Old Road:

    If you run so wide around a corner you nearly make friends with the arm-co on the other side of the road then nearly take out another on-coming bike it's a sign you're probably going too fast.

    Please slow the **** down, if I had been 2 seconds ahead of where I was we probably would have both been killed.
  2. What's the bet he doesn't read NR?
    Glad to hear you're ok.
  3. Happy I missed him,there was lots of wet patch's in the corners not so easy to see,you would have to be desperate not to leave some in the toolbox in those conditions.BTW I was on the yellow Pantah
  4. Cars taking out bikes is already sad enough. But bikes taking out other bike is just completely ridiculous. We have such a small frontal profile that you almost have to be aiming for the other bike to hit them...
  5. "target fixation" oh shit oh shit oh shit *BANG*
  6. Obviously he overcooked it....from there, he was trying to save his life...

    Lucky you could sit back and observe remotely, rather than be a part of it all....
    Had there been a car, he'd probably be dead or very badly injured.

    That might not be because he's a tool...he could have made an honest misjudgement of the corner....something we all do from time to time - but fortunately, nothing came of it, and he hopefully got a BIG wake-up call.