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Stick it

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by MyoMan, Aug 8, 2015.

  1. You know you shouldn't. But there are a bunch of douchebags in some crappy hot wheels car to your right and your ego is telling you to just go for it. You both gun it when the lights are green and you are victorious.
    Tell me your moments when you've just gone for it. Been tempted. Or failed trying.
    (I do not condone this behaviour)

  2. Try doing it with a cop. Nothing like the thrill of a high speed chase when you positively have to win. Your heart rate is intense. You forget to breath properly. One mistake some make is to give it 10/10ths but in reality of you dial it back to say 9/10ths and can get comfortable they won't catch you.
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  3. not applicable in this case
    hes on a gs500
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  4. Years ago I was at a set of lights on my CB750K7 when a tatty old Morris Minor with wide wheels rolled up along side.
    I looked at him and he looked back, then lights turned green and I wacked the throttle open on the Honda.
    My cheesy grin was soon wiped off my face as this little motor came hurtling passed me, roaring like a lion with a bad dose of piles.
    At the next set of lights I pulled up next to the guy who had a bigger cheesy grin and said "WTF, what have you got in that thing"

    "A 3.5litre V8" he said.

    The lights turned green and he was gone, I pulled away like I was on my driving test.
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  5. On another occasion I was on my way home on my Valkyrie, on a dual carriageway and had a guy on a Bandit 600 sitting fairly close behind.

    We came up on a six mile stretch that had several roundabouts and I thought, playtime.
    Went through the first roundabout as normal and went for it, I caught the guy by surpise and left him behind,eased off a bit for him to catch up.
    At the next island it was hard on the brakes, left right left and twist the wick.
    I could pull away from him but his brakes were better than mine so he would catch me again.
    This went on for the whole stretch of road and when we went through the last island I took the ole Valk up to top speed(130mph indicated) for a mile or so, then backed it of to 80.
    The guy came along side, grinning from ear to ear, shook his head in disbelief that something the size of my Valk could be so nimble, gave me a thumbs up and went on ahead.

    I pulled into my driveway, the wife got off the back, ripped off her helmet, look me in the eye and said "You really need to start acting your age" she then stormed off into the house while I gave my bike a big cuddle. :D
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  6. You my friend are awesome!
  7. Context: I ride a CBR300R, to a non rider this looks like a proper race bike, to the initiated it's a scooter with fairings. Every Red P plater with is hat on backwards is down for a race.

    I pull up to the lights, My opponent is sitting in a nissan skyline R33, his hat is very much on backwards, I catch him checking out the CBR, He catches me catching him. Our eyes met. It was time to race.

    The light goes green. proper bloody good launch, first gears really short so I better quickly up shift. Second gear, powers kicking in now, probably going at 35kmh, third gear, I'm twisting it hard, I'm comfortably ahead. I can hear his car, he's really pushing it hard. I'm not even trying bro.

    I'm like 3 car lengths ahead, not even hard bro.

    feels good man
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  8. Took off next to a van. Van won. Visor down at next set of lights.
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  9. What about the stories of guys stalling it? On my L's and spada 250, I pulled up next to an R6. He tries to launch and stalls out, leaving me to cruise on up the road. He turned off at the very next side street, out of shame no doubt.
  10. Yes I'm on a GS500. I pull up next to a Domino's delivery scooter. Green lights go he floors it in his shorts, tshirt and open face helmet. I swear his front wheel lifted.
    My back tyre was spinning. We hit 10kmh. Shit was getting real I could see the strain on his face. 11kmh I'm in 3rd and I'm in streamline position. He ditches a Supreme Pizza and it clearly did the job. He's doing 20kmh. I went into another level hitting 4th and getting 25kmh. I've never gone this fast. I'm getting speed wobbles. I'm sweating. 5th gear and I leave him behind. All is good until he realises the pizzas are getting cold. He catches me which leaves me with no choice but to hit 6th gear or as I like to call warp speed. I've just hit 32kmh and the rev limiter is bouncing off the dial.
    I win. I'm glorious in victory. I get to the lights 1hr later and my whole body is shaking with adrenaline. What a rush.
    True story
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  11. Yep, 10/10 is the mistake a novice makes. Back when I was a bit younger and had more "attitude" I used to slow down to let them catch up. Made it more fun:)

    Nowadays with hi-res cams, you cant risk that.

    Had a little scare quite a while back, was noodling along minding my own business, and a bloke coming the other way decided he wanted to have a chat with me. He chucked a Uey, and put on his special lights. It was on. I wasn't too concerned, until I realized I was quite a distance from town, with no close turnoffs. I wondered what would happen if they sent out the finish line attendants to great me. So, I hauled ass and got to the nearest turnoff, then vanished.
    The next morning, I was checking out the Bike and noticed the plate and tail tidy was broken and gone.

    I had a vision of my plate stuck on the windscreen of the old mate that was following me.
    Had a few days of nervousness, but after that figured they would have caught up with me by now. Never did find out when or where I lost the plate. :)
  12. You lot need to get real bikes......sigh..

    not much gets past the 10...when you try, the hardest thing is keeping the front wheel down in the first 3 gears... kuda.
  13. Had BMW M car of some type took off like the space shuttle launching. After a distance pulled into my lane. I wondered "What the hell?" My YZF-R15 is supposed to be styled after the R6, probably looks like a sports bike side on if you don't know. See it from behind & you see tyres that belong on a postie. What a hero blew away a 150 commuter.
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