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Stewy's New Ride

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by stewy, Jun 13, 2006.

  1. Well guys, as some of you may now, i gave up repacing my last bike (when it was written off, at the start of the year) to purchase property, well with that all done and behind me, it was time to start looking for a replacement ride and with only a couple of months left of my sentence thought it it was useless to buy another 250, so with that decision made, it was off to look at the 600+ and after much thought, and reading many great reviews, from both this site and a couple of others i settled with the yzf600r or better known to most as the thundercat. :grin:

    Anyway thought i should post some pics of her, as you won't see her atleast till the end of winter :( but that gives me a little time to just get a couple of things fixed/changed on her, before the silly seasons starts.



    Cheers stewy :cool:
  2. Great bike there, Stewy!
    You will certainly have a ball on the Thundercat!
    Nice pipe, too!
    Ride safe.
  3. Nice Thundercat, Stewy, welcome to the sweet-spot: 600 ccs, low weight, high power, maximum fun :grin:
  4. Well done stewy, very sexy bike you've got there.

  5. Great to read that you'll be back Stewy. :grin:
  6. Sweet ride - i hope you get heaps of fun out of it.
  7. Way to go Stewy...... I originally went looking for a Thundercat, nice ride .....
  8. onya Stewy, you'll love the cat. Keep it rubber side down.

    Enjoy !!!

  9. They're sweet-looking bikes, aren't they!

    Congratulations, you'll have a ball!
  10. Congrats mate. Enjoy!!! :cool:

    :grin: :grin:
  11. Congrats mate, noice bike!

    Got any blacker? :grin:
  12. I have a question...

    YZ600 F/S/R

    The S is obviosly the bikini fairing model.
    What is the go between the F and The R, they don't have the obvios same diferences as something like the CBR R or F that are compleatly diferent shapes.

    so what are the diferences?

    [EDIT]I think I see. Yes the R is a sports model, but your one is a little older and less agressive, so not as obvios as the curent R6 or R1[/EDIT]
  13. Thanks guys, yep am very happy with it, will be even happier once i can ride it legally ;)

    Hopefully she will live upto all that i read/heard about these bikes, as it seems to be highly regarded as great arounder, so will share my opinions on this later in the year, once i have put a few km's on her.

    As fo rthe exhaust, yes it's quite a nice after market exhaust system thats on it. Hopefully the first (mod of a few) will start in the coming weeks, and i will keep you all update with the progress. Secondly I need to find a place that can design/make custom decals (already know what i want, just gotta get it on paper), so if anyone knows of where I can go that would be great too.

    Cheers stewy

    Falcon lord, not quite sure if you are referring to the R after the 600 ie yzf600r/f/s from all that i read they were released here as the the thundercat, and in the usa as the yzf600r, as for the f and s, not sure, maybe someone with a bit more knowledge might beable to help explain better....

    oh actually i believe doonks thinks f stands for faired and matt232 believes it stands for friendly..... me i have NFI to be honest ;)
  14. Congrats on the upgrade Stewy :woot:
    Will be good to see you back out on the road :grin:
  15. xxsteve - Direct Print, he owns the company. Beaconsfield, at the end of the Monash Fwy
  16. Fantastic Stewy - excellento :grin: do love a black bike ....... :p
  17. Congrats Stewy, I look forward to seeing it (and you) soon

    :grin: :grin: :grin:
  18. nice bike mate, not what i expected to see but very imporessive all the same.
    must be annoying still being on restrictions.

    time will go really slow now.

    well done on the purchase, she looks awsome
  19. what did you think it would look like? :? :LOL:

    as for still on restrictions yep it's very annoying..... espically when my old man rode it home..... and the last time he rode a bike was almost 26 years ago, but some how the government think he is more quaflied then me to ride a 600cc bike.... probably the old fart factor..... :LOL: :grin: just as well the old man doesn't have web access too :grin:
  20. That's one sexy looking bike you have their Stwey. Congrats on the purchase.