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Stew F

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by JUSTDOIT1, Dec 4, 2011.

  1. Back on a bike after 25 years - reluctantly went and bought a mates bike to help out... been over a week and still can't get on the road. Battery replaced now looks like no charge getting through to the battery Is there an easy fix? Looking forward to it though!

  2. well if you told us what sort of bike it is, year model, etc, we might have a sporting chance of giving you some useful advice

    Oh, and welcome.
  3. Welcome aboard, JUSTDOIT1 !
    You'll find many answers to your questions here..
  4. Just getting into this site "fantastic" a lot to look at.. just bought a 99 Honda 919 fireblade. I have it on the trailer to take into get checked. Some thing simple I hope I'm not the best mechanical mind ha..
  5. Like that 'life begins at 30...
  6. A common issue with Hondas is the Regulator/Rectifier and possibly stator. You don't say if you can push/roll start it or start when the battery is fully charged. Modern bikes take a lot of electrical power to get going by the time they have started fuel pumps, Engine Management, fuel injectors, intake servo motors blah blah blah.

    As you are taking it in to a mechanic you will probably know the answer soon. Many happy rides :)
  7. thanks Chris. I can jump start and will run for couple minute then cuts out.No chance push starting. thanks for the clues
  8. definitely the reg rec, typical honda and welcome.
  9. welcome to NR, 'typical honda'?? :( great something for me to look out for?