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Steven Walters - Snowy Ride

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Chlowen, Nov 8, 2010.

  1. Hey all,

    Just thought I would share my excellent weekend. I did the Steven Walters Snowy ride. Left South Gippsland on Thursday and set off for Jindabyne. The weather wasn't the best, no rain until Bairnsdale, then a bit more over the border. 600km on Thursday on the GSXR-750 made me a bit tired. Friday wasn't much better, left Jindabyne for Thredbo, more rain. Some of the guys did some honda test rides, but the wet roads and $5000 excess put me off having a go. Sat around in the -2 degree weather watching bikes. Friday afternoon cleared up so took a ride out to lake jindabyne dam(not sure of real name) This is where things started to change, the weather was fine, the roads were dry, the road conditions were perfect(not pothole filled bumpy corners like gippsland) The ride was only for an hour, but I started to use more rubber in the corners. Saturday was the best day I have had on a bike ever, the sky was clear, the roads were clear(didn't see anymore than 2 police members) The corners were sweeping, the throttle was twisted and the bike was leaning even more. The country side was fantastic, the roads even more so, these roads put all roads in gippsland to shame. Sunday was the 600km ride back home, not very exciting until we reached the border, sunny skies and smooth sweeping corners, this was the highlight of the day, very tempting to turn around and do again, but had to consider the rest of the journey.
    I will definately be going again next year, the cause is very worth while, the money raised from the Steven Walters foundation has helped childhood cancer death rates lower from 1 in 3 to 1 in 5, as a father of 2 this really pulls on the heart strings.

    All in all, the best ride and cause of my ridding life.


  2. Weather was good on the weekend. Enjoy this every year.
  3. Hey I was there too with a couple of mates..
    Awsome weekend.
    We left Melb Fri, back today (Mon) and just under 2500k for the weekend.
    Agree, throttle was well and truly twisted!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    OH and my tyres are totally gone.
    That surface up there really grips...lol

    For those with facebook, photos here:

    My Snowy Ride Pics 2010
  4. Well done boys.
    Great cause.
    I've bought the winning ticket for the CBR thou by the way. :grin:

    Love the piccies Joe. Good job.

    So glad you guys had great weather.
  5. I love the snowies. Mainly for the place itself, but the roads are also cool.
  6. Im jealous my mate from work went,unfortunately his mate cam off on a vfr800 he was all right and there was a little damage to his bike,broken brake lever broken, clutch lever and one side of his farinigs but that was about it.
    I cant wait to do this next year
  7. We had a great time again on this ride, it is really like the biggest bike show in Australia.
  8. My first time. I had a ball, teared up during the presentations, felt very priviliged to have a healthy family.

    Over 3000km trip, left Thursday; Melbourne, Mansfield, Whitfield, Mt Bufalo, Mt Hotham, Omeo, camped at Anglers Rest- great place.
    Friday; Falls Creek, Murray Valley rd, Thredbo.
    Stayed at the River Inn in a staff/bunk room after they stuffed the booking, a bit of a dump of a room, didn't even service the room, I must be getting too old and fussy
    Did all the check points except Charlotes Pass as I started too late in the morning.
    Sunday; Jindabyne, Bombala, Merimbula, Narabarra to Rockton, Cann River, Metung, Bairnsdale, camp at Hollings Landing -eaten by midges and mozzies, not recommended.
    Monday home via Wilson Prom.
    I tried to do as many of the Aust Motorcycle Atlas rides as I could.

    Roads in NSW are great, Vic roads are now crap, the pot holes, bumps, poor surfaces are a crime, one corner a left crest had a huge pothole halfway acros the corner, totally unmarked. I can't work out why they can have signs up for so long without fixing the bike holes ASAP. Surely its a case of negligence if and accident occured because of the road condition. Fortunately I ride slow, got passed in the Alpine way by a Goldwing two up!!

    I guess he knew the road, I tend to not ride faster than what I can stop, so i never trust the road around a corner too much.

    I saw 2 police bikes and 4 cas on Saturday, also two cops on Friday along the Alpine way. Pretty easy money with a 80k limit.

    surprised there is not more bike stuff at Thredbo, seems like a great place to have some expo, even the Honda stuff was so low key I never saw it!

    Awesome event, brilliant people, you should come a long next year!
  9. It's certainly a good weekend and cause to mark in your calender each year.
    Here's a pic taken from Charlotte Pass lookout.

    Attached Files:

  10. What.... Kimmie and Karl were in Thredbo and I missed you guys as well. bugger
    Next year we are making a advanced booking for a drink together.

    Was going to catch up with Esther and Mel on Saturday but I had my vodka shoes on. Wasn't safe to walk alone for fear I may have ended up breaking a leg. ;-)

    The Snowy Ride is always a great weekend.

    I got to meet the sweetest little girl called Aimee who was selling raffle tickets for the CBR thou. 5 years old and what a little trooper. 7pm and wouldn't go home for dinner until she had sold her complete book of tickets, which our group helped her do. Such a beautiful little girl affected by such a horrible thing as cancer. Meeting her made it sink in even more so, how important participation in the Snowy ride is when you meet those that benefit from monies raised. God bless little Aimee.
  11. That summit road is epic.
  12. Lads, Well done for giving up your time for a great cause!

    Finn, you lucky so and so.! :)
  13. Lilley..Hell yeah!!
  14. (y)
  15. We'll see on the 28th November I guess. :wink:

    Oh how I wish.
    If I was lucky enough to pull it off, it would be straight on the market paying for an old man's brand new camping trailer.

    For the last,,,,,too many years, I've been Rosered On.
    Next year I'm going.
    Come hell or high water. (unemployment a deal breaker.)