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Steve McQueen's 100-year-old motorbike

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by Mouth, Feb 21, 2015.

  1. A rare motorbike once owned by Great Escape legend Steve McQueen has gone on the market for just under $1 million.


    The canary yellow 1915 Cyclone was among the Hollywood star’s extensive collection of classic motorbikes when he died from cancer in 1980, aged 50.

    The Cyclone was made for just three years from 1913 and only six are known to have survived.

    They were built for board?track racing, a popular motorsport where riders would compete around a huge banked oval circuit similar in shape to a velodrome.

    The bikes, made without brakes, could hit speeds of more than 110mph courtesy of a 996cc 45hp engine.


    The 1915 Cyclone once owned by Steve McQueen is one of six that has survived. The bike was bought in 1984 by veteran American collector EJ Cole at an auction of motorcycles owned by McQueen.

    Now the 89 year old has decided to sell it off – along with more than 220 vintage American bikes he has spent 50 years amassing.

    The auction will be held at in Las Vegas on March 20.

    A spokesman for the auctioneers said: “It is by far the most interesting motorcycle owned by the King of Cool.”
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  2. Almost $1 million ... I wonder who would be the type of buyer?
  3. Jay Leno?

    He has lots of money...