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Steve Jobs is in league with the Devil [iPad]

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by hornet, Jun 6, 2010.

  1. I am now convinced. I don't care what it does or doesn't do; how is it, apart from the above, that Steve Jobs manages to build products that just grab something in your soul the moment you touch them? Have you seen the "Reader" application? Just like turning the pages in a real-time book?

    Yeah, I know, it doesn't multi-task, doesn't, doesn't, doesn't, but it will sell by the bushell-load because most people won't care :rofl: ......

  2. Turning the pages in a real book is just like turning the pages in a real book too. :p
  3. Dad what's a book?

    That's what my kids will say if I ever get unlucky
  4. gold!!!
  5. Will multitask next os upgrade, no biggie.
  6. i must say im starting to see the attraction in an iPhone, but would rather have an HD Icon and an ipod because a phone doesn't contain anywhere near enough memory to satisfy me.
  7. In the interest of full disclosure, I've got one.

    It's a great piece of kit. Perfect for browsing the web, checking email, watching video, even reading a book. Sure, any laptop can do that and any Netbook can too. But Lizzy has a HP Netbook and at $800 is was hardly cheap. It didn't have wireless N, didn't have inbuilt 3G, nor does it have a GPS. Most productivity software for it costs proper money (not $12 for Pages etc...) and it also needs a current AV subscription to protect it. It doesn't have a touch screen and the screen it does have, whilst apparently bigger doesn't feel that way.

    When I finished work today, I went to my local cafe (by the beach, life's tough!) and had lunch and read the papers in perfect comfort with the ipad. It sits and works so comfortably compared to a laptop that you can never seem to get position just quite right (IMO, YMMV). As a serious productivity tool it has to cede ground to 'proper' laptops, but that is not its intent.

    As for the books, I love history and a book by Richard Evans was in the Amazon list. Load the Kindle app (free) and paid $11 for a book that (in Cairns for example) I could never get. Instead, with a single click, I have the book on the ipad and I can read it wherever and whenever I want. I can change the font, invert the text colour (great for night time). In a couple of weeks the ABC app will be available and also soon their iview port to the ipad as well.

    So for not that much more than a decent Netbook I have portable device, wireless N and 3G enabled, GPS equipped that is location aware with many of the applications (weather for instance), has thousands of free applications available for download (and all have been verified by the store owner). It has a 64GB SSD, touch screen with a class leading UI, doesn't require an AV program and has a battery that last 9 or 10hrs (with wireless AND 3G enabled). If I want to create documents or spreadsheets I can download Pages or Numbers (and Keynote if I want) for $12 per application). If I want to upload photo's (RAW or JPG) I can do so and show them beautifully and then upload them to a 'proper' photo application at a time of my choosing.

    It's not for everyone and it most certainly is a want and not a need. But I've not understood why any geek would criticise another geeks choice of unnecessary gadgets. As for the lack of flash, I HATE flash enabled websites. It is not an issue for me.
  8. And books can already multi-task. They can be used as door stops, fly swats, makeshift stepladders, paper weights, dog toys and kindling. Never have to worry about charging the battery either. :)
  9. Flash is the spawn of Satan
  10. I have one too

    High 5!!!

    Wait is there an app for that?
  11. Agreed. It is also, however, a de-facto web standard.
  12. That is the same as saying that a Windows OS is a de-facto web standard. It doesn't make it any good.
  13. I don't imagine you'll be getting much disagreement on that ;).
  14. Nice try, but no. Windows can be seen as a means to viewing the content on the web - this is dictated by the user. Flash is a means of delivery - this is dictated by the webmaster. The internet itself, is OS agnostic.
  15. You miss the analogy. Flash is not a standard. It is no more a standard than Windows, Linux or Mac OSX. The fact that developers chose to deliver content via it does not make it a standard.
  16. I saw someone mucking around with their iPad on the train a few weeks ago. I thought it was essentially just a hugely enlarged iPhone. Cejay outlined what he uses it for and fair enough. What's the difference between an iPad and an iPhone apart from the size?
  17. The iPad doesn't allow you to call people.
    AFAIK thats about the only difference.
  18. About that

    But since I have gotten my iPad ( replaced my 3G NC10 net book ) I have not been bothered to use my iPhone for anything other than calls

    The iPad comes more places than the net book ever did due to the instant useability of it. Just like the iPhone click lock and there it waits in standby barley draining the battery ready to go instantly. The net book had to come out of hibernation then reconnect to 3G all whilst the battery was draining.

    Then there are the cool games can't play them on my net book

    Can't do things on the iPad that I could do on the net book (yet) but that's no drama, it's an entertainment device not a laptop replacement

    I use it to kill time I have a 27" iMac for computing

    Can't post from the spa on that now

    I could however do so with the net book but this is easier ( in the spa now ) lol
  19. +1 to Andrew. The ipad doesn't replace any of the devices I have. As Jobs said, it sits between the iPhone and a conventional desktop/laptop. There are things that are more easily done on my MB than the ipad. And there are times when the iPhone is a better tool than the ipad.

    I don't get the anger and derision that Apple haters have towards it. Sure, it's not a 13 or 15 inch laptop, but it never claimed to be. IMO it is better suited as a casual device than any Netbook can be, comes with all the things you need and is a great way to consume content. If the people who hate them don't want one, don't get one.