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Steve Irwin: Annoying Prat or Conservation Legend?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Doggy, Sep 15, 2006.

  1. Well I reckon both. Could not stand the man. I can appreciate the good he did for our environmental awarness (and his hip pocket) but I'm over the whole tickets to his funeral thing, Tributes blah blah how good was Steve blah blah. Frankly I found him irritating. He was a very clever business man and certainly deserves the respect for it. Maybe it's because I grew up in the bush and could see how fake and overdone the whole thing was? I don't know. Anyway...

    Thanks for all the good you did Steve but if I hear that "Crikey" again it will be too soon.



    Donning Turnout Coat, Overtrousers, Boots, Flashhood, BA, Helmet and gloves.

    Flame away... :tantrum:
  2. wayyhaaayyy

    netrider is a controversial hotbed today :LOL:

    hmm well, irwin did release a scientific paper on crocs this year...
  3. I actually agree with you on this one Doggy, sure he may have done great things for conservation but I doubt I could have been in the same room with him for more than a few seconds without having to repress the desire to stab him in the eye with a fork. Just because he's dead doesn't mean you should have to pretend to like him.
  4. I admire anyone who's passionate and unafraid to show it. It's a lucky man that can live like that and never be anything less that the full-fat version of himself.
  5. Yeah JD that was my long winded way of saying:

    "Bummer, you got killed and I feel for your family, it's sad. But I couldn't stand you when you were alive so I'm not going to pretend to like you."

    (Hmm kinda long winded again huh?) Oh well.

    I'm going for a ride on Sat to Capella (Q). Anyone want to come? :grin:
  6. Yeah Loz it must take guts to act like that infront of XX million people. I know I couldn't. Only in front of friends after too many beers :LOL:
  7. It would have been interesting to have met him when there were no cameras around. I suspect it was a front, he probably didn't even know he was doing it, just been doing it for so long it was a natural reflex.

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. can we do a Brocky one ? :LOL:

    Peter perfect gentleman or womaniser ?

    I heard on the radio last night someone commenting that his accident was a result of his past activities 48hrs leading to the event. A perfect example of the Drive-Revive-Survive campaign !

    Essentially it was lack of sleep !
  9. Yeah interesting the spin the media put on Brock. Couldn't believe it when one of the news programs referred to his later years "campaigning for tyre safety" - guess that's nice way of putting a spin on "flogging tyres for Bridgestone" (hardly a community service when you're getting paid to do it). I also find it somewhat ironic that when the Japanese driver was killed at Targa Tasmania it was Brock in the media claiming it was the result of a supposed "lack of driving skill" of foreign targa competitors. Don't see why the Australian media is so happy to rip into celebrities when they're alive - but treat them with deity-like reverance when they pass away.
  10. The media's never once mentioned his continuing close personal friendship with a female Victorian MP. :LOL:
  11. yeah ditto on that one :LOL:
  12. who is this steve irwin?

    nah, i am sitting on the fence. he neither annoyed nor fascinated me.
    kids loved him though...
  13. He WAS irritating; a bit like an opera singer who's makeup and overactions look good from the back row, but are overdone close up.

    I thought his best work was the adverts he did for the Australian Quarantine Service; a pest urging us to keep out pests :LOL:

    Brock? Well, I think he should have retired when he did retire. Now he's destroyed both the Peter Perfect images....
  14. Steve Irwin lived a life worth living - that's all that matters. He took on a persona that helped him to influence the world for the better, and I personally think that made him a great man.
  15. Irwin and Brock are both legends/heros whatever you want to call them. We all choose a a different bike - so why not let us choose our heros.

    Anyone who can make a successful living out of doing what they love, and doing it so naturally, as both did, deserve all the accolades they can get.
  16. A few years ago, I would have said "annoying git".

    I saw a couple of his shows, and thought it was great. I realised that his way of talking was just him being enthusiastic about what he did for a living.

    I think he did great works and will be remembered for those. Same goes for Brockie.

    And I loved those Bridgestone ads with the gecko. They're so cute.
  17. As annoying as Steve Irwin was, what he did for conservation speaks for itself. I really think we saw the real Steve Irwin. It takes someone special to be so comfortable with themselves. The younger kids loved Steve and thanks to his work, many of them have learnt more about conservation issues than what a lot of us did when we were their age.

    Brock was a fantastic driver but by all accounts he was a womaniser.
  18. So im the only one that actually liked him. lol