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Steve from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by SteveT, Sep 5, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone

    Thought I'd finally write my first post after lurking for a few weeks. Myself and my partner went and got our learners permit last weekend. Really stoked that we both passed together. Especially seeing as she had never riden a motorcycle before, she picked it up really quick and passed easily. I'd mucked around with off-road bikes on and off since I was little.

    We're currently in the market for a pair of bikes, been looking at VTR250s, GN250s, CD250Us and CB250s. We prefer the naked style rather than something with full fairings and having something a little older doesn't worry me as I like to tinker/create more problems for myself.

    Mainly going to start off with some local suburban commuting with the intention of ginving the Metro service the flick and riding to work everyday.
  2. Welcome to NR. (y)

    Would you guys be buying 2 bikes or just one?
  3. There's a fair amount of difference in performance and age across those bikes you've listed. How much were you looking to spend, and have you considered some of the lightweight cruisers (like the 250 Virago)?

    Oh and of course welcome to NR.
  4. We're looking for 2 bikes... one each.

    Yeah there is a bit of range there, I'm actually looking a the VTRs and CBs, she's been looking at the CD and GN. She needs something good for someone... height challenged.
    We used CBs for our licence test and I've warmed to them quite a bit.

    We're really looking at around the $3000 or less market and dreaming of Royal Enfields, 70s Triumphs and alike for later.
  5. Then you really need to try a VTR for comparison. CB250s are cheap and reliable, but that's about the only thing they have going for them.
  6. Ohh definately, after hearing what a good wrap they get for a first bike I'd really like to try one. Now just to find someone selling one that would be willing to have me test ride it...
  7. Hi and welcome to NR

    They also have about the lowest seat height (750 mm) for a non-cruiser which may interest anyone who is vertically challenged. Also give incredible economy.

    And now I think we have definitely run out of virtues and that is about all they have going for them :LOL:
  8. Welcome and congrtats to both of you :D
  9. You mean the VTRs?
  10. Greetings SteveT and welcome to NR.

    I am in a similar situation to you - relatively new to riding and did the Learner's & Licence test at the same time as the Missus. However, we only have one bike at the moment (a VTR250) which seems to be a good first bike, but I don't have any experience with any other bike as yet so can't comment on your other options.

    I'm surprised that it hasn't been mentioned yet, but I recommend that you get down to the 10AM Saturday Learner/New Rider Practice Sessions that are held behind the BP at Elwood:
    They are a helpful and friendly bunch of people and there is even a breakfast in St. Kilda beforehand if you are interested.
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  11. you're good people trevva....someone had to pick up the slack

    ay...steve...your missus hot?

    and welcome to the both of you regardless
  12. welcome to your new tribe.
    given that you're both keen, you should splash out and buy some decent bikes.
    you are not restricted to 2fiddys anymore. a cb250 has less power than your lawn mower and weighs more than your car.
    busses will try to get around you of the lights.
    if you're only keeping them for a year, then the high re-sale value of near new Lams bikes means you'll not lose out.
  13. well she's a midget. so you can just imagine her with some farm animals.
    right up your alley.
  14. inter-species erotica Bucko'
  15. No the CB250.

    VTRs are a great little bike for those who want a naked learner ride and many a Netrider started out on one. There are always VTRs up for sale on Netrider (I know of a couple at the moment) but as I am not in the market for one I have no idea of the price and not sure if you will pick them up for the sort of price you want to pay.

    The CB250 is has less power but if you are too short to get on a VTR it may be an good option. And they do not weigh more than your car they are pretty light but still have a low power/weight.

    If you do come down to Sat practice there are a few learner bikes there and you can talk to the owners about their experience. Most people will be happy for you to sling a leg over and sit on their bike to try it for size. It may give you a few ideas about alternative machines as a few people are also on older bikes which is probably within the price range.
  16. Hello and wlelcome to you both :) The VTR 250 is a safe bet for a learner unless you are tall. Keep in mind that you can have a bigger and more powerful bike though, CB 400, Kawasaki ER 6N and so on.
  17. Well that went down hill pretty bloody quick. Six degress of Hitler anyone?

    Thanks for the warm welcome.

    I have been thinking about getting something that might last a little longer too. I started having a look at XJR400s... even though they're an import does anyone own one and would like to sing their praises?

    We're definately going to come down for a bunch of practice sessions, the only way you're going to get better is by practicing often. And meeting a lot of like-minded people is a good thing too, so thanks for the invite.

  18. Good man....*claps*
  19. I looked at getting one, but was put off by the fact that virtually every part on them is unique to that particular bike. So when it comes time for a service or spare parts you're either going to need to learn Japanese (and be prepared to potentially wait months), or lube up for the reaming you're likely to get if you can find a mechanic who'll even look at it.

    They are however quite a popular bike in Japan, and it's always annoyed me that Yamaha never sold them here officially.
  20. Feel free to come down to sat mornings BEFORE getting a bike too.. i did a few times and GreyBM and others were a great help to me and because of them i ended up with a bike that wasnt even on the list and im sooooo happy it happened.. :)

    Good luck.. and have a look at the Suzuki intruder for a low seat if the small cruisers arent out of the question yet.. (can only talk about seat height.. have never ridden one)