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Steve Fossett plane vanishes - a bit fishy or what?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by Flying is for planes, Oct 5, 2007.

  1. Has anybody following the Steve Fossett story? Isn't it a bit strange that a billionaire takes off in a plane never to be seen again despite in history? He is famous for flying solo around the world by balloon and plane and has set 115 world records in balloons, planes, sailboats, gliders and airships. But a local flight in Nevada and no mayday call, no emergency locator beacons and no cell phone call?

  2. Bit hard to call for help on your mobile when youve crashed and died..... :wink:

    Tis a lil bit odd tho.
  3. They have had a huge search. The plane had a locator beacon that is activated in a crash - but there has been no signal. They even paid to get updated fresh satellite images to help the search. The search has been massive based on the range of the plane after it took off.

    I may be wrong, but after $millions of searching they cant find a single clue
  4. The ELTs in those old planes were dodgy at best. Half the time they didnt bloody work.

    From memory, he set of on a quick joyflight in a Super Decathlon and quite possible may not have even had one with him. Theyre not always fitted to the plane itself but are a small pocketsized personal ELT.

    Im just merely contributing to your thread. :LOL: I dunno shit about his circumstances or details of the crash etc. :LOL:
  5. I've been helping look at mechanical turk :)

    Not sure why, something to do I suppose :)

    I agree it is a bit strange they haven't found him
  6. They probably got sick of having to retrieve him from silly places.
  7. Much bigger things than a Decathlon have gone missing before.

    If one of those things hit the deck at any sort of speed it would be smashed into confetti, they are so lightly constructed, and would be very difficult to find.

    I'll bet there is(or was) a smoking hole in the ground somewhere that will be found eventually.

    Even the best pilots can suffer an engine failure, structural failure, birdstrike, heart attack etc that are not able to be recovered.

    Flying, like motorcycles, can be utterly unforgiving sometimes.
  8. Good grief, another idiotic conspiracy theory :roll:.

  9. Obviously you are one of "them". :!:
  10. Echoes of Amelia Airheart anyone? (think I spelt that correctly).... :p
  11. I was going to say the same exact thing, tramp! More people who go missing in planes are never found than those who are. People believe too much of what they see on TV about forensics and radar and DNA and stuff; these are all 'best-guess' methodologies.

    And anyway, who's to say he WANTED to be found? Perhaps he was like our WA football player friend, in some sticky financial deal and if he 'disappeared' his family would benefit from his will, but not if he killed himself.....
  12. Maybe he is having a beverage with Harold Holt? :beer:
  13. Maybe he was flying supplies out to Elvis and lost track of the time after chatting with JFK. He'll come home once Marilyn Monroe puts out for him. :p
  14. taken by aliens to there leader....fox moulder :LOL: :LOL:
    *que x files theme*
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