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Steve Bracks Resigns

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Fuzzy, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. After 8 years as Vic Premier, Steve has called a press conference to say hoo roo :(

  2. How does one do a happy dance?

    :dance: \:D/

    That'll do!
  3. maybye the gods of motorcycling will bring a new just and fair premier to the poice state....

    yep i'll take two unicorns and a couple of flying pigs on a spit for the next netrider bbq... :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  4. sound like a plan ward4e.. we'll expect nothingless...

    Bit out of the blue...
  5. Unless and this is just pure conjecture and hypothesis, his family has suddenly become more of an issue.... :p
  6. very good news for all the Vic motorcyclists!
  7. Is it really though?? Won't it just be more of the same shit only with a different figurehead??
  8. How exactly?
  9. cause you have a chance of someone who isn't as narrowminded stepping in????

    i could be wrong though

  10. Well hopefully he can spend some extra quality time with his son and convince him not to drink drive and be a danger to everyone
  11. Don't think it will make much difference on the ground. The Victorian Labor Party machine will role on regardless, with decisions being made in committee rooms as always, consultants delivering the same advice, and bureaucrats delivering the same results.
    That's the nature of the beast. They are by definition less inclined to follow the leader. If you want one persons view to prevail you're more likely to get that with the opposition.
  12. ..and Thwaites has resigned too..

    That leaves Brumby.

    I think I might move to QLD. :?
  13. At least maybe now there won't be any talk of reducing our water restrictions...

    A completely new Labor party for Victoria, wonder how it'll go.
  14. You are
    Last thing I would call Bracks is narrow minded, especially after living under the Kennet dictatorship.
    Besides you live in Adelaide things in Victoria are excellent unlike you serial killing hicks. :wink:
  15. Brumby has been the man behind the machine all along Bracks added the human touch.
    I think the state will be in safe hands.
  16. I can remember when he was our local member in Bendigo.....doesn't inspire me with confidence for the future :?
  17. Here's to hoping the new leader will stop being such a wanker about the national water scheme the Federal Government is proposing.
  18. I have to say I agree Drew... I'd rather Bracks than Brumby any day :!:
  19. +1
  20. Bracks was narrow minded. You might have agreed with that narrow view , but the Police State that is victoria on the roads was driven by the Vic Government . Road fines were a major fund raiser for the Governments last outrageous budget. 40,000 victorians are on the verge of losing their licenses , not hoons , working drivers .

    Remember the Toll free freeway ?

    Bracks or Brumby , I hope they are all gone asap.